The sac-a-lait spawn is on


January 26, 2021 was a banner day for “sac-a-lait” fishing. The warm weather and warm water temperatures has pushed the “sac-a-lait” on the cypress trees. Lake Verret is known for producing slab sized “sac-a-lait” and on this day it did not fail. With state Covid-19 restrictions there is nothing like a nice day on the water.

Dwayne Fleming (left) and Thaddeus Sam have always waited for several warm days in mid- to late-February to start fishing the spawn and sometimes never really get on the spawn bite.

“It’s because these fish are ready to spawn earlier than we think. Water temperature is the key. Look for canals with green water and temperatures between 60-67 degrees, drop a shiner next to cypress trees and your heart will skip a beat as that cork suddenly disappears. Just take a look at the picture. My buddy and I caught fish from 1 to 2.5 pounds.”

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