Dustin Reiners gets personal best bass

Dustin Reiners got his personal best bass on April 4, 2022 while fishing at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park.

“My nephew met me at my house that morning and we took off to the lake and while we were driving he looks at me and said “dude I had a dream that we caught a 14-15 pound bag today.” I looked at him and said dude we’ve fished this place many times and have never had any luck with getting any solid fish. We get to the spot that we’re gonna start fishing and get the morning started. We fished for a few hours and picked up a few fish and then I figured out the pattern. I was flipping my creature bait next to and in the grass. I flipped in some grass and I felt the bite. I set the hook and all of a sudden my line went slacked. I thought I had missed it. Next thing I know my line takes off and the fish comes to the surface. When it got to the surface it looked like a choupique. The fish dives under the boat and I’m still unsure of what I have. I’m working the fish getting it out from under the boat and my nephew looks over the side when she comes up and says “Dustin that’s a big ole bass.” I instantly hit the deck and bring her in. My biggest fish before that was a 7-pound 10-ounce so when I got her out of the water I instantly started freaking out because I knew this was gonna be the biggest fish I’ve ever caught. I’ve always dream of catching a double digit fish and unfortunately came up a few ounces short, I’m still very happy I got the opportunity to catch one that big. Definitely a day I will never forget.”

-Dustin Reiners

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