Catching big girls in the Saline/Larto Complex

Hey Guys/Gals! Saying hello to 2121 and good bye to 2020, with duck season not being the best this year I have been in the Phoenix more than normal for these winter months. Big girls are starting to bite and I am already catching some fish with eggs here in Saline/Larto complex! Mr. Larry Bryant’s custom Jigs and Spinner baits have been getting the job done! I have been finding the bass chasing shad around the mouths of deep creeks about 10 to 12 feet with big flats off of the creeks around 3 to 5 feet. I don’t believe they are staging, but it sure wont be long. These warmer days may be getting them in the mood to start looking for a place to bed. I believe a lot of us miss that first part of the spawn on some of these shallow lakes. I have heard plenty of guys say man they never really got on a spawn bite or never got on big females and I believe its due to these fish especially on this complex spawning earlier than we think! I am a tournament fisherman and fish the BFL’s, Outlaw Outdoor tournaments and a lot of local opens however when I take my daughter she wants to keep so we keep a mess and throw back any big females. So my daughter and I went on a trip and we caught a lot of chunky fish all around two and a half to three pounds. We kept six good ones just enough for mama to fry up for dinner. So we get home and I start to clean these fish thinking they are just fat with shad because I had shad floating in my live well. Come to find out it wasn’t shad….it was eggs and full sacks of eggs! You could imagine how I felt after the first one I put a knife to, there was no turning back. So with this being said the “complex” will soon be firing up pretty quick with many anglers missing the prime bite! Here are a few photos from our Father/ Daughter trip on the “complex” and she would be honored to be starred in your magazine. We had good laughs and figured out what these fish may be doing earlier than what we expect. Hope everyone has a great New Year and tight lines!

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