Des Allemands fishing expedition

When Hurricane Ida roared across South Louisiana 2 1/2 years ago, it treated some places a whole lot worse than others. One fishing destination that bore the brunt of the destruction was Des Allemands, a small community on the West Bank of the Mississippi River that straddles the St. Charles/Lafourche parish line.

The fish there succumbed to the salty surge as well as the resulting hypoxia, and nearly all of them were wiped out.

What typically happens, though, in the wake of such a widespread fish kill is a strong rebound, with a high percentage of spawned fish surviving due to decreases in predation and competition. It takes a couple years, but fishing can often be even better than it was before the storm.

My buddy Chris Macaluso and I wanted to see what’s going on with the population around Des Allemands, so I hitched up the Avid and we met at a public launch under the Highway 90 bridge.

Check out the video for all the details!

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