BIG speckled trout on Rat-L-Traps in clear water!

Watch as I fish the Grand Isle and Port Fourchon area for a great speckled trout bite.

Admittedly, it was a tough day, and things were going wrong from the get go: thunderstorms and higher than predicted winds made a delayed start then a rough ride across open water.

When I finally got to where I wanted to go, all I could find was dirty water and a single hardhead catfish!

Things continued to go wrong, but I didn’t give up, eventually persisting to find a fun speckled trout bite in some of the most pristine “trout green” water I have ever fished in my life.

And yes, in case you missed it in the intro, this fishing trip was filmed before Hurricane Ida devastated the area.

Devin Denman is an avid inshore fisherman who writes the Louisiana Fishing Blog. To read more of his articles, visit lafishblog.comTo check out more of his videos, visit his YouTube page Louisiana Fishing Blog

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