Capt. Don Bordelon has always liked to experiment with different baits and terminal tackle in an effort to find ways for his customers to stay on fish.

Only one day he had rigged just about every rod in his boat with regular old popping corks except for one — his.

"I noticed it seemed like the cork I was using, the Pogeaux Pop, was making the trout more aggressive and was putting more fish in the boat than all the rest," he recalled.

If you think a cork is a cork, so did Bordelon before he started playing around with the Pogeaux Pop.

Granted, if the fish are biting like crazy, it really doesn’t matter what you throw out there. But for those days when he feels like he might have to work for the fish, Bordelon throws no other cork.

"I can only speculate, but I think the little spring they add to the bottom of the cork makes it bounce a few more times after you jerk it," Bordelon said. "And I don’t know why, but the Pogeaux Pop has a different sound than any other cork I have used — more like a swish than a splash."

Bordelon now buys these corks five or six at a time and squirrels them away in big, green plastic container. In fact, they have pushed all other corks out of his boat.

"It’s all I use now," he confessed. "They make a lot of different varieties, but I throw the egg corks more than any of the others."

Bayou Buck Lures in Baton Rouge makes the Pogeaux Pop. For more information, visit or call 225-291-8023.