Pitching plastics at Bayou Black doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a few tips Engerran passed along to help you be more successful.

1. Engerran says fishing with braided line is a must, which is why he selects a 7-foot, 6-inch Tangi Rods MH Bushido blank. 

“I’ll fly them with a heavier rod and tear a bigger hole,” he said. “Braid is essential, though, so the little bit softer rod gives me the shock-absorber I need for 65-pound braid.” 

2. Pegging your sinker is essential. 

“If you don’t, your heavy weight is going to fall through the hole while your bait is stuck on a piece of grass,” Engerran said. “You want everything to stay together, because you’ll never get a bait separated from the weight to fall correctly through the mats.”

3. Tie a heavy-wire hook with a snell knot. Light wire hooks will flex too easily, and the snell knot transfers all the energy of your hook set directly to the hook point. 

“A snell knot is going to help your hook kick up and catch bone — instead of the side of the mouth,” he added.