Shotgunning fun

An attorney friend who knows a little more about guns than I do about the dark side of the moon — but not much more — was wandering around a regional gun show, looking for I’m not sure what.

I think he had been caught up in all the furor and hype and just figured he needed another gun to go with his one revolver.[…]


The safety bullet

If you’ve ever set nails in concrete with an explosive shell, you’re going to be familiar with the operational concept of one of the newest and most innovative firearms safety devices on the market.

It is called the “Safety Bullet.” […]


Amendment 2 — Vote YES on Nov. 6

A proposed constitutional amendment that would amend language in the 1974 Louisiana Constitution pertaining to the individual right to keep and bear arms will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

If Louisiana voters approve this amendment to our state constitution, we will have the strongest guarantee of gun rights in the nation.[…]


Hideout guns

A group of firearms instructors for the sheriff’s office was standing around, waiting for a meeting to begin. One of the guys, the best pistol shooter among that relatively talented group, pulled a little North American Arms .22 Magnum revolver out of his pocket, and began showing it around.[…]