Apex Predator

The trick to scent-free boots

I find most hunters take good care of their clothes with scent-prevention tactics, but they give little notice to their boots. Just because they are rubber doesn’t mean your aren’t putting scent down. While you might not be leaving your scent on the earth where you step, any odor will be released in the air along the path traveled.

It’s the item you wear the most but wash the least, so I’m going to share my tricks to eliminating odor in boots. […]

Apex Predator

Early Season Woes

The beginning of the hunting season had its ups and downs, but the lows were far outweighing the highs. Frustration peaking, I felt as I did when I started bow hunting public land as a kid, unable to ever get a kill. […]

Apex Predator

Gear up for floundering!

Flounders are my favorite fish to eat. It’s usually hard to catch a limit of 10 with a rod and reel, but it can be easily done by gigging. Waiting for the correct environmental conditions and having the right gear plays a big part in sticking your limit. […]

Apex Predator

Squirrel hunting jackpot

After going to the hunting camp every weekend from October through January, I made some local bass fishing trips in February but was missing the camp too much. I had to make one more weekend small-game trip to end the hunting season for good.

It turned out being anything other than small! […]

Apex Predator


When you think of being the prey, your mind instantly thinks of the obvious: cougars, wild borers, bears, snakes, etc. Yet there is a much more common creature out there that is just as dangerous, if not more so. The parasite. […]