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Picking the pockets

After archery season ends I’m a sad pup. Though after putting the rod in the boat for the first time in months my tail’s a wagging. It’s time to go after those bass and frogs.

I’ve made several bass trips in the last couple weeks, easily getting my limit every time the weather wasn’t below wind-burnt-face degrees and the breeze let up howling enough to cast farther than the lure was blown back. […]

Apex Predator

Quick Freeze: Tips for cleaning your deer and hogs

After wasting too many hours of my life deboning meat and killing too many animals to afford a butcher, I came up with a deboning solution that works like a charm.

Usually, when preparing meat to freeze, 10 percent of the time is spent getting 90 percent of the meat and 90 percent of the time is spent getting the remaining 10 percent. I don’t bother wasting 90 percent of my life on such small scraps, yet I still get all 100 percent of the meat without wasting an ounce. […]

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Smokepole stalking success: Follow the bubbles

The last few weekends have netted me a bunch of meat.

On the last weekend of December, I was on an evening hunt in Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge when what I thought were two does came skipping through my thicket. I was focusing hard on the first doe in my crossbow scope as she jumped right through all three of my shooting lanes along a 40-yard trail. […]

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The trick to scent-free boots

I find most hunters take good care of their clothes with scent-prevention tactics, but they give little notice to their boots. Just because they are rubber doesn’t mean your aren’t putting scent down. While you might not be leaving your scent on the earth where you step, any odor will be released in the air along the path traveled.

It’s the item you wear the most but wash the least, so I’m going to share my tricks to eliminating odor in boots. […]

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Early Season Woes

The beginning of the hunting season had its ups and downs, but the lows were far outweighing the highs. Frustration peaking, I felt as I did when I started bow hunting public land as a kid, unable to ever get a kill.

Opening morning at Red River WMA I made my way in the woods for a ground blind hunt, but to my surprise another hunter was already set up nearby. […]

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Trail cameras makes public-land deer hunting more effective

Setting out trail cameras has become one of my favorite parts of my hunting experience, adding a fun tactical advantage in planning hunts and scouting.

However, finding the most used trails to put a camera on is very challenging on public land. Without being able to feed, the deer don’t stop for pictures and are rarely concentrated in one area. […]

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How to throw a cast net

There are various ways to throw a cast net, yet many anglers don’t know about the flip trick to help throw their cast net with tremendous ease and quickness. Yes, this way can let just about a person of any size or strength level throw a heavy 8-foot net with no problem.

And you’ll be able to throw your net for longer periods of time without having your shoulders feel like they are on fire. […]

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Gear up for floundering!

Flounders are my favorite fish to eat. It’s usually hard to catch a limit of 10 with a rod and reel, but it can be easily done by gigging. Waiting for the correct environmental conditions and having the right gear plays a big part in sticking your limit.

Recently, I went on a floundering trip with my girlfriend. The picture shows some of the tactics I use for getting some of these delicious fish. […]

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Great-tasting deer meat is just a soak away

Deer meat can be one of the most delicious meats around, but due to its low fat content it can be tough if not cooked down for long amounts of time. I’ve got a trick to overcoming this, as well as taking any gamey taste out of the meat: fruit juice marinades.

My go-to juice is pineapple juice, along with adding a bottle of Tiger Sauce. Not only does pineapple juice give your meat a good, sweet flavor, it also contains the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain is the most common form of meat tenderizer used in America. […]

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Trotline tactics to fill the freezer with catfish

I’m sure everyone knows how to set a trotline, but there could be some easy tricks you’re missing out on that will put more fish in the boat. I’ve been setting trotlines all my life but, through the years, my methods have improved immensely through trial and error.

To begin, think big catfish don’t taste good? Then think again. It’s all about the way you cook ’em up. Even at most restaurants when you think you’re eating small catfish, its usually big ones sliced thin. The most important factor is to cut out all the red meat. […]

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Host II – Precautions all hunters should take to avoid infection by parasites

Many of the parasites that threaten outdoorsmen can be avoided by wearing heavy rubber gloves and long clothing while cleaning and transporting your game. Goggles or glasses are also recommended to those who want to take more precautions. Children are more susceptible because they don’t produce as much parasite-killing stomach acid as adults.

Most of the parasites are found in the intestines and feces, so extra caution should be taken when gutting an animal. […]

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Squirrel hunting jackpot

After going to the hunting camp every weekend from October through January, I made some local bass fishing trips in February but was missing the camp too much. I had to make one more weekend small-game trip to end the hunting season for good.

It turned out being anything other than small! […]

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When you think of being the prey, your mind instantly thinks of the obvious: cougars, wild borers, bears, snakes, etc. Yet there is a much more common creature out there that is just as dangerous, if not more so. The parasite. […]

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Hooting For deer

Not only is there an animal out there that will spot your deer for you, but this animal will also vocalize to you telling you exactly where the deer are and when they are moving.

“Too good to be true,” you may think, but after years of careful observation of owls and their fondness for hooting at deer, this tactic has resulted in my seeing many deer. […]