Deer Hunting

What pirogue to choose?

There are many different models of pirogues on the market, as well as homemade ones, and it is largely a matter of personal choice as to which one to use. I have owned both the Bobcat and Water Moccasin brands, and was happy with both. […]


Gray Ghosts on Black Lake

Northwest Louisiana is blessed with a number of beautiful cypress-studded lakes that have long served as magnets for area fishermen. Lakes such as Bistineau, Black, Saline, Iatt and Nantachie were created hundreds of years ago by the Great River Raft, a massive log jam that clogged Red River from about modern-day Boyce to near Shreveport. […]


Go Deep on D’Arbonne

Die-hard crappie fishermen look forward to spring every year because that’s when those delicious fish are easy to pattern. When the dogwoods start to bloom, you know the crappie will be heading to shallow cypress trees or brushy banks to spawn. […]


Late-Season Squealers

I opened the email and started to read. “And, like a drug pusher,” it began, “he eased the intoxicating liquor of waterfowl feather to his friend. ‘Take a sip,’ he said. ‘If you don’t like it, that’s okay.’ Duck hunters are a strange lot and it’s not for everybody. […]


Calling All Bucks

Over the last few decades, technology has dramatically altered deer hunting. With an endless variety of camouflage clothing, scent-control products, game cameras, range finders, feeders, climbing stands, pop-up blinds, cough suppressors and the like, today’s deer hunters have as many gizmos available to them as bass fishermen. […]


Looming Menace?

“The time for dillydallying with this great problem has passed; [federal officials] are far too dilatory in their movements, and take too long to devise ways and find means to avert the threatened danger, and rather incline to a plan that is entirely at variance with their printed opinions […]


School of Hardknocks

Accidents, mishaps, incidents — misadventures in the field go by a variety of names. My wife, Carol, calls them “Terry Moments,” and I have to admit I have more than my share of them. Several years ago, I even wrote a feature for Louisiana Sportsman about some of the more bizarre ones. […]