Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar targets fishermen with a large percentage of their sunglasses, and two of their latest offerings, the Cape and Montauk, are perfect examples. […]


Field & Stream

Field & Stream has added some lightweight hunting clothes to its product line, and although two particular items were designed for turkey hunters, they should be big hits for early-season archery hunters across the Southeast. […]


Alpz Doggie Duck Blind

You’re pretty good at hiding yourself beside your favorite duck hole — camouflage clothing, some brush and maybe a little camouflage cloth — but that big, black, yellow or brown dog next to you, that’s another story. […]

Bass Fishing

Kahara Diving Frog

The Kahara Diving Frog is a great summertime bass lure, especially on waters that get choked with surface weeds this time of year. Unlike traditional hollow-body frog lures which stay on the surface full time, this one dives underwater, and even under lily pads every time the angler moves the lure. […]


Cover: June 2018

Avid surf fisherman Sammy Romano shows off a beautiful speckled trout caught on Curlew Island in the Chandeleur chain. For more surf-fishing tips from Romano, go to page 140. […]

New Products

Cranka Crab

Sheepshead fishing is part fun, part frustration, and one of the frustrations comes from the fish’s ability to steal your bait before you know it. The main bait of choice among sheepshead anglers is a live fiddler crab. […]


Cover: April 2018

After a brutal winter, trout anglers across the coast are looking forward to the start of the speck spawn this spring — and the hard-hitting action yellow mouths are famous for. […]