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Dumb game laws

Louisiana Sportsman is of course the best outdoor publication around, but I do read a few others. So when the March 2012 issue of Petersen’s Hunting hit the mailbox I took a quick look at the page for the monthly highlights. […]


Boating Louisiana waters

April in the South heralds spring and the beginning of boating season. It is that time of year when Louisiana’s 320,000 registered boats are on our waterways, serving as platforms for all sorts of recreational and commercial activity. Fortunately, we have plenty of room for boaters all over the state. Inland waters cover 7,409 square miles. Go down to the coast and you will find 1,031 square miles of territorial seas, another 7,721 miles of tidal shoreline and 6 million acres of coastal estuaries. […]

Game Warden

The baiting game

The spring gobbler season begins in March and is the last hunting season before agents move almost entirely to the water for enforcement of fishing and boating regulations for spring and summer. […]

Game Warden

In the rearview mirror

After 34 years with LDWF’s Division of Law Enforcement, I retired as assistant chief in April 2011, and returned home to Gardner. My career with LDWF provided the opportunity to work with dedicated fish and wildlife enforcement and management professionals, elected and appointed officials and hunters and fishermen throughout Louisiana. I found many good friends along the way in each of these groups, chief among them wildlife enforcement agents here at home and throughout the country. […]