Hunting and trapping feral hogs

Whether we call them nuisance animals or outlaw quadrupeds, the laws addressing the take of those less-than-desirable species are more liberal than ever before. That’s a good thing made necessary by the ever-increasing number of feral hogs. Before we get down in the weeds on how to eliminate unwanted feral hogs, let’s take a look at the current regulations.  […]


Louisiana Operation Game Thief

In the late 70s, some of the western states began establishing reward programs for information leading to the arrest of fish and wildlife violators. One of the original names for the programs was Operation Game Thief (OGT). […]


Lost & found

I don’t recall exactly who said it, but a famous outdoorsman once quipped that he had never actually been lost — but there had been times when he hadn’t known where he was for a few days.  […]


The dos and don’ts of dove hunting

The first statewide hunting seasons of fall 2017 opened in September. Louisiana’s dove season will kicked off on Sept. 2 in both the north and south zones. The north zone’s first segment ran through Sunday, and the south zone’s through Sept. 10. […]

Game Warden

Handguns for personal protection

In the June column we talked about getting your rifle ready for hunting season. While I admit to spending more time with rifles nowadays, handguns have always been a part of my day-to-day routine. During my career it was as much a part of the uniform as pants and shirt, and while off-duty I was still either carrying one or had quick access to it.  […]

Game Warden

Toxic bait for feral hogs

Kaput is the brand name of a toxicant approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as a lethal bait for feral hogs. According to the label, the active ingredient in Kaput is Warfarin, an anticoagulant medication sold under the brand name Coumadin. […]

Game Warden

Time to go sling some lead!

I readily admit to being a rifle nut. Handguns are great and a career in law enforcement provides one with a great deal of training and experience with them. But rifles are my favorite and as a hunter and shooting enthusiast, I have always found them more interesting and useful. […]


Check the boat before going afloat

Our early spring with its warm temperatures has recreational boaters lining up at the launch in eager anticipation of fun on the water. Whether your particular brand of good time boating involves fishing, skiing, riding personal watercrafts or simply cruising down the river, proper preparation and planning are crucial to boating safely.  […]

Game Warden

Gobbler chasing

Louisiana’s spring gobbler season began on March 25 in all three areas, and the youth and physically challenged hunt weekend was March 18-19. […]

Game Warden

Saving the alligator in Louisiana

During my career with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, I was fortunate enough to witness and participate in a few conservation success stories. Perhaps most notable is the recovery in Louisiana of the American alligator.  […]