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Host II – Precautions all hunters should take to avoid infection by parasites

Many of the parasites that threaten outdoorsmen can be avoided by wearing heavy rubber gloves and long clothing while cleaning and transporting your game. Goggles or glasses are also recommended to those who want to take more precautions. Children are more susceptible because they don’t produce as much parasite-killing stomach acid as adults.

Most of the parasites are found in the intestines and feces, so extra caution should be taken when gutting an animal. […]

Apex Predator

Squirrel hunting jackpot

After going to the hunting camp every weekend from October through January, I made some local bass fishing trips in February but was missing the camp too much. I had to make one more weekend small-game trip to end the hunting season for good.

It turned out being anything other than small! […]

Apex Predator


When you think of being the prey, your mind instantly thinks of the obvious: cougars, wild borers, bears, snakes, etc. Yet there is a much more common creature out there that is just as dangerous, if not more so. The parasite. […]

Apex Predator

Hooting For deer

Not only is there an animal out there that will spot your deer for you, but this animal will also vocalize to you telling you exactly where the deer are and when they are moving.

“Too good to be true,” you may think, but after years of careful observation of owls and their fondness for hooting at deer, this tactic has resulted in my seeing many deer. […]