Late-Season Squirrels

From the piney woods of the north to the alluvial Mississippi River basin’s bottomland hardwoods to the coastal marshes — all across Louisiana there is a certain quietness that seems to take over in late winter. No longer do you hear the mufflers of four wheeler engines running in the woods, or the sound of a rifle shot bringing its result to you at the speed of sound. […]


Final Exams

Soft yelps and yodels from a specklebelly slipped across the atmosphere overhead, where a high winter fog hid circling birds from our view. By contrast, a slight northerly breeze kept much of the wet mist off the face of the flooded rice fields where we set up along a levee. […]

Bass Fishing

Delicious Decline

The Choctaws called it “Atchafalaya” (ha-cha-fa-lia) for Long River, and, indeed it is long, winding through the center of a 930-square-mile region of bottomland hardwoods, with pristine backwater lakes, bayous and seemingly endless tupelo and cypress swamps in between. […]

Other Hunting

Teal fodder

Teal are not large ducks and don’t require heavy loads that bigger ducks do to knock them down. However, in today’s world of trying to find the perfect load with plenty of pattern density, packing enough mojo to get the job done is difficult. […]


Blue Plate Special

In late August, before the last notes of the accordion have faded, the lyrics of a French two-stepping song have been sung and the Gueydan Duck Festival Queen has been crowned, bluewing teal have already made up their minds to head south. […]


Marsh Madness

We were making good time cutting through 2- to 3-foot seas in West Cote Blanche Bay, but on the horizon, as far as you could see out in the Gulf, was an ominous slate-blue sky, which meant only one thing: We were going to get wet — real wet — possibly before we reached our destination. […]


Bully Blues

“Bully, bullyyy,” chanted my fishing partner Joey Ratcliff almost to the tune of the old Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs 1965 hit Wooly Bully after he grunted hooking a big blue catfish. […]


A Sprig of Crappie

In February 2009, for the first time in nearly 15 years, Crappie USA came back to Louisiana to hold a qualifying tournament. The area the organization selected was the Atchafalaya Basin, with Morgan City the host. […]