Bass Fishing

Worth The Wait

People will travel long distances to get in line for just about anything when comes to fun, recreation and the many pleasures in life. Orlando, Fla., and hour-long waits for amusement rides at Disney World is one example. A favorite chain restaurant, where the wait to be served could be for an extended period of time, is another.

But an angler who finds it worth traveling to get in line and launch his boat for a shot at a lunker bass just may want to consider opening day and the months to follow at Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge. […]

Hunting the Flyway’s Farms

The open rice field made Rick Moore’s hail call ring off into the distance with no bounce back — just fading notes — much like those coming from one of his blinds just east of us. We were working the same group of birds, and from the volley of gunfire that followed, what the ducks saw in their set up must have looked better than what they saw in ours. […]

Upland Odd Fellows

Nothing short of an enigma, the woodcock is truly an oddity and always causes a hunt to stop. Following just about every successful shot at a fleeing bird, everyone in the party seemingly has to look over and ponder the features of this strange fellow. It’s inevitable and always happens. […]

Other Hunting

Best gun chokes, shot sizes

Woodcock hunting is a close-in type of upland bird hunting. Flushes are often directly under foot, particularly when pointing dogs are involved. Therefore, open chokes such as improved cylinder or even skeet are best utilized. Additionally, shorter-barreled firearms work better in tangled briar patches mixed with vines and underbrush. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Targeting teal

Teal are considered one of the hardest ducks to hit due to their erratic low-level flight. Teal flying just above marsh grasses and the lowest trees give the elusion they are flying ultra-fast. But in fact they are slower than bigger ducks such as mallards and pintails, which is little consolation when trying to put bluewings in the pot to smother down. […]



There are few guarantees in life, which in itself is somewhat of a gamble. But if I were to advise someone to bet on a sure thing, it would be to put in for the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Teal Season Lottery this month. […]


Mack Attack

A drip of sweat somehow traveled along the Neanderthalic eyebrow-hidden bumps of my forehead and passed down the lens of my cheater eyeglasses. The sweat stung my eye, blurred my vision and complicated my efforts to thread some monofilament through the eye of a 3/8-ounce jighead. […]


Anglers catch lots of catfish at Belle Isle

George Dupuy flipped his rod tossing out a double drop-rig with a couple of nightcrawlers impaled to a pair of 1/0 hooks. The angler attentively watched his line drift downstream with the current making sure it didn’t tangle in his partner’s line, until it came to a stop. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Shrimp Smackers: Head to the Atchafalaya River for tastey catfish

There are some things that are hard to admit. There are also other things you may never live down.
Take Bill Buckner’s error in the 1986 World Series for example. Buckner’s error with two outs in the bottom of the 10th allowed the Mets to go on to win game six, knotting the series at three games apiece. You know the story — the Mets won game seven and took the Red Sox four games to three to become world champions. Buckner, a prolific major league hitter, now living in Idaho, will never live it down. […]

Fishing Tournaments

Patterson’s Blanco wins Celebrity Pro Bass Challenge, sets event record

When the scales settled Saturday (Feb. 26) during the first daily weigh-in of the 2011 Celebrity Pro Bass Challenge, only two-tenths of a pound separated first and second place. And Patterson’s Gary Blanco headed into the final day with a scant lead.

The weigh-in was held outside of Academy Sports and Outdoors on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge.

Twenty-four hours later, following the second day’s weigh-in, Blanco’s name remained at the top of the leader board. With that honor, the event’s $10,000 first-place prize money went into his pocket – and Blanco had set a record for the event. […]