Free Bucks for All

I met the grizzled hunter at a taxidermy shop when he came in with two huge bucks. One had eight points with tall, heavy antlers. The other, a magnificent 12-pointer, didn’t have antlers quite as heavy, but it had a very wide rack and extremely long tines — much wider and longer than the 8 point’s. […]

Bass Fishing

Living the Dream

I admit, when it comes to bass fishing I am only a novice at best. That doesn’t keep me from daydreaming, however, that I just might be able to hang with some of the pros if the conditions were right.

Like most fish stories, this “hanging with the pros” stuff sounds like stretching a 14-inch fish into another category. But isn’t a guy entitled to his dreams? Moreover, I realize that if I were a betting man, I certainly wouldn’t be betting on yours truly. Yet, note that I said, “I might be able to hang … if the conditions were right.”

My first condition would be to fish the canals south of the Intracoastal Waterway and east of Bayou Sale Bay. It is in these canals that I dream of going pro.

The second condition would be making sure I was ready to start fishing the moment the tide started to fall. The short time frame where the tide sort of stands motionless is when you should be running to the canals to rig up your favorite bait.


Crossed Up

Will Louisiana have a crossbow season next year or at any time in the future? Will Louisiana permit hunting with a crossbow during archery season as some other southern states have?

Crossbow hunting seems to have caught fire as it spreads into more and more states each year. Many states like Louisiana already allow the use of the crossbow, either for the physically challenged and/or older hunters.


Permanent Plots

Let’s face it: Plowing, soil testing, liming, fertilizing, planting and killing weeds to maintain a green field includes exhausting work and often great expense. A green field, like a two-edged sword, can and will attract and feed deer. […]


Under Exposed

“Uncle Johnny, you didn’t wrestle a bear,” my nephew Ryan McLellan said in a hunting camp a few years ago when I told him the story of the night I wrestled a 450-pound Canadian black bear and pinned him to the mat until the count of 10. “That’s a lie, or at best, it’s one of your tall tales.” […]