Fishing Hotspots

Beat the heat for August specks

Fishing is all about stacking as many odds in your favor as possible, and something you should certainly put in your favor this month is leaving the dock early. Not only do you beat the heat, but you also get a much better speckled trout bite, according to Slidell guide Capt. Matt McCabe. […]


Want reds? Head here

One of the most underrated areas in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin is Lake Catherine. Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne receive a lot more pressure throughout the year, but Lake Catherine produces a lot of redfish this time of year, according to Capt. John Falterman. […]


Other options for specks

The Lake Pontchartrain Trestles isn’t the only place Capt. John Falterman fishes in June for speckled trout. On calm days, he likes to run out to some of the near-shore rigs, particularly if he’s struggling at the Trestles that day. […]


Get the drop on Trestles specks

The legendary Trestles train bridge on Lake Pontchartrain is loaded with fish — and fishermen — every spring.  When the speckled trout bite is super hot and winds are calm, the 5-mile-long bridge often has a boat on almost every piling. […]

Fishing Hotspots

Grand Isle wade-fishing

Micah Doyle is a full-time student at LSU, but when he’s away from the classroom during the summer, he loves targeting speckled trout. The avid angler makes several trips throughout this month to get in on the wade-fishing action at the beach on Grand Isle. […]