Gulf, lake anglers will find dead zones

This summer, like each summer for the last dozen or so years, we will get our annual report on the size of the Gulf of Mexico “dead zone.” This year as well, the Bonnet Carre Spillway was opened, releasing large quantities of nutrient-rich Mississippi River water into Lake Pontchartrain and the surrounding wetland system. Often, smaller dead zones develop in the lake after spillway openings. […]


Panacea or Problematic? Part II

Before discussing the technical aspects of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council’s Generic Offshore Aquaculture Amendment, it may be useful to look at world fisheries trends and why offshore aquaculture is even being considered. […]


Summer trout have active libidos

This is the time of year when speckled trout fishing really heats up in the major bays and along the coast. In these high-salinity areas, specks prowl relentlessly, and greedily feed day and night all through the warm months. […]

Bass Fishing

Are marsh bass really different?

It’s the end of spring, and the peak of marsh bass fishing is past. Marshes near the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers are still brown with river water, and everywhere else in the marshes, aquatic plants are going into their summer growth period. […]


Plague of the Tropics

Louisiana folks love to eat fish. In spite of the modern hype to make catch-and-release fishing politically correct, we relish bringing our catch home for a feast. After all, if the Almighty didn’t want us to eat them, he wouldn’t have made them taste so good, right? […]


Snapper Savior?

The Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishery has become the poster child for fishery management failure in the United States. Fisheries management experts paint an ever more-gloomy picture for the recovery of the fishery. […]


Aggregations make fish easy prey

The term “spawning aggregation” is one that recreational fishermen are likely to learn in the future. The term simply refers to a synchronized spawning event by a number of fish that are not normally schooling species. […]


Funky-looking flounder great on a plate

In Louisiana, flounders are enormously popular food and sport fish. Although 18 species of the lefteye flounder family are found in the northern Gulf of Mexico, “flounder” in Louisiana almost invariably means the southern flounder. Its Latin name, Paralichthys lethosigma, literally means “parallel fish that forgot its spots.” […]


No meatballs with this spaghetti

EDITOR’S NOTE: A retired fisheries professor, Jerald Horst’s name is a familiar one to Louisiana Sportsman readers. He has been quoted innumerable times over the years in these pages. Horst has agreed to pen a monthly column introducing readers to interesting creatures that are common in our waters. […]


No-Fishing Zones

A recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discussion paper has brought home to Gulf of Mexico fishermen the momentum of the movement to create marine protected areas (MPAs) in the northern Gulf of Mexico. […]