Deer Hunting

.17 HMR — New bang on the block

The snake was a moccasin, swimming downstream in what was called the “old” river — a channel off the Amite, running behind an elongated island. We were in Port Vincent on Butch Croom’s land. The lazy waters of the old river channel flowed behind the land with absolutely no discernible water movement. […]


The Cousin’s Tale

He missed the really exciting times in the swamp.

By the time he got out of the Army, back from Vietnam, and back in college, working on his graduate degree, it was several years after all the night hunting and control shooting had occurred. […]


Innovative optics, eyewear worth a look

Last month I told you about the Southeast Outdoor Press Association conference in Fayetteville, N.C. SEOPA is a 14-state organization of professional outdoor writers and communicators; its corporate sponsors include many of the big-name manufacturers all outdoor folks recognize. […]


Make Your Luck

Rowdy deer visits children’s store

Head manager Joseph Velesis said he tried to calm the deer by talking to it, but the animal panicked and charged toward the back of the store. […]


Worth the Wait

As a youngster, I devoured my uncle’s outdoor magazines. He was a chemical engineer, a machinist, a shooter and a gunsmith — and I hero-worshiped him as only a kid can. A patient man, he catered to my incessant questions pestering him with queries about guns, hunting and every other aspect of the shooting sports I could think to ask about. […]