Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Hunters’ quirks

Every duck hunter has his quirks, his ways, and the things he always does when he hunts. This is a guy who lives to duck hunt, can’t get enough and pounds it out till the last day of the season. He is very successful with his ways, and has been for the better part of his life, but yet he is open to listen to what other hunters do; he takes it in; thinks about it; and then decides to cast it aside or add to his arsenal. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Seven tips for late-season waterfowl success

This is it! We are in the heart of the second split; it is time to pull out all the stops. Nothing can be overlooked. I know y’ll are tired of the mud and low water, tired of being wet and cold, tired of having your birds flare and just plain tired of going duck hunting.

But guys, this is what it is all about. This is when we actually have the best duck hunting in the country – there are plenty of us who would argue the best duck hunting in the world. […]