2006-07 WMA Forecast

One year after a hurricane hit each coastal corner of Louisiana like a blast from a double-barreled shotgun fired from the Gulf of Mexico, habitat and the wildlife that use it are the focus of biologists and hunters, particularly on areas that are open to the public. […]


The Senior Circuit

Ten New Iberians came back with the sunburns absorbed during so many hours of activities on and around the water, which isn’t surprising for recently graduated high schoolers on a senior trip. What is surprising was the venue they chose. […]


Catch fish after fish on a HardNose

The booming soft-plastic market’s going soft, too soft, many claim, and something had to be done about it before many more creature baits, bogus worms, faux paux frogs and imitation crawfish got torn up by fish or slid down the hook, thus rendering them unusable. […]


2005-06 WMA Forecast

That wildlife managers with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and private companies are doing everything they can to enhance hunting opportunities on public land has never been more apparent than this year. […]

Bass Fishing

Lure Review

The Texan whose artificial lures speak for themselves with their productivity, so much so that they have become a staple in the tackleboxes of pros and weekend anglers alike, can’t help but be proud of a spinnerbait series that’s hooking up bass from Texas to all points of the compass, including Louisiana. […]