Bass Fishing

New crankbaits stay in strike zone

Hitting the strike zone is what it’s all about in bass fishing, whether an angler is working cypress trees and knees in less than 3 feet of water or probing ridges or points in 10 feet of water or deeper. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass Lake Report Card

Considering that successful bass fishermen do their homework before going on the water, how about subjecting the many bass fisheries in Louisiana to academic standards of their own for 2003? […]

Bass Fishing

Bass find new soft plastics Yum-my

Tube jigs, those nondescript-looking soft plastics that have taken bass fishing by storm, aren’t the same any longer after what one manufacturer has done. The tube jig and other soft plastics the manufacturer is putting out smell. […]


Arriba Sac-a-lait

When you see hundreds of tow vehicles this month in a parking lot at Spanish Lake, it can only mean one thing: The secret is out on what may be the hottest sac-a-lait fishing hole in Louisiana. […]

Bass Fishing

Clearance Sale

These young guns coming up on the competitive bass fishing scene have so much technology and information at their fingertips. That could be the main reason they are successful so often when their boats hit the water and the fishing rods are put on deck. […]