The season may be over — but memories remain

For the most part, the 2017 deer season is over, although some DMAP cooperators in the Tier 1 classification can still hunt a couple of weeks in February. For Area 1 and 6 hunters, this could still give you time to connect with a deer, and perhaps even that elusive trophy. […]

Deer Hunting

Big Bayou State bucks going down

No doubt the excitement in the deer hunting fraternity soared when news broke on the big non-typical arrowed by Frank Sullivan in October. The buck will easily make the Pope and Young record book, and depending on how the typical frame scores, might surpass the state record for archery-killed non-typicals. […]

Deer Hunting

Louisiana’s deer habitat in decline

The key to a good deer management program is good habitat — plain and simple. The research that has been done measuring the impacts of good deer habitat is crystal clear on the subject: Good habitat provides the nutrition needed for optimal body growth and antler development. […]


The Rut in 2017

Use the Sportsman 2017 rut prediction to start planning your hunts for this season. It might also help to look at the long range weather forecast and see when the cold fronts are predicted to roll in. […]

Deer Hunting

Genetics, age, herd or habitat

I made the statement last month in this column that now is the time to start preparing for the 2017 deer season if you want to have success. It begins with examination of the 2016 harvest data and surveying the 2017 habitat conditions. […]

Grunts & Gobbles

Shooting turkeys

When I went to work for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in 1976 as a game biologist in the Florida Parishes, I quickly discovered a new species of bird to hunt — the eastern wild turkey. […]

Deer Hunting

We finished strong

The January issue of the Louisiana Sportsman had the words “finish strong” on the cover. This was in reference to the idea that January is the peak rut month for Areas 1 and 6, the land of the big bucks in the Bayou State. […]

Grunts & Gobbles

The last crossing

The bottoms of my knee boots weren’t gripping the top of the sunken log very well, and I would occasionally slide as I inched my way across the slough. Fortunately, I had stick poles in each hand to help with balance. […]