Bass Fishing

Get up extra early to beat the heat

August temperatures can be pretty rough on fishermen, and not just because of the heat. Lakes and rivers are full of recreational boaters, which can be as big a headache as 95-degree days with 80-percent humidity and no wind. […]

Bass Fishing

Pro’s tips: Make the most of Senkos

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Davy Hite  makes no bones about the fact that his favorite lure is a Buckeye Mop Jig, but when it comes to springtime fishing for prespawn bass, he’s going to have one lure tied on for sure, and that’s a Senko. […]

Bass Fishing

A spinnerbait primer: Which blades bring glory?

Spinnerbaits are among the most-effective and most-popular lures that bass fishermen carry in their tackle boxes, especially in the spring. But they are also lures that present fishermen with all kinds of options in terms of sizes, colors and the size, shape and colors of the whirling, jangling blades that give them their fish appeal. […]

News Breaker

Best bets to kill more late-season doves

Most hunters who head for dove fields only around Labor Day weekend might be missing out on the opportunity for some great wing-shooting, because dove seasons in most Southeastern states don’t end until mid-January. […]

Bass Fishing

Why the pros turn to square-bills

The look a little different — not like a run-of-the-mill crankbait with a round, diving bill. The slab of plastic sticking out of their mouths can be squared off at the end or shaped like a coffin. […]

Deer Hunting

How to score a transition buck this hunting season

A lot of deer hunters don’t count on much during that transition period between the time whitetails leave their early season patterns and the rut cranks up, but that’s when South Carolina hunter Lucas Board expects to have his best chance of the season at a nice buck. […]