Causeway Giving Up

Captain Greg Schlumbrecht of To Fish Charters

(985-960-1709 or moved to Tampa, Florida immediately after Hurricane Katrina due to initial reports that Lake Pontchartrain would quickly become a steaming cauldron of sludge stew. […]


On The Rebound

Clever soldiers who want to avoid work details keep their distance from superiors. “Out of sight, out of mind,” is the order for the troops who like their free time to remain free. […]

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Back to Normal

Like most everybody else in Southeast Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, my family and I spent our days assessing damage, clearing downed trees and just generally looking after other folks. Normal seemed such a long way away. It still does. […]


All in the Family

In a world full of eroded family ties, North Louisiana is a place where the true family spirit can still be found. This section of Louisiana that has been titled “Sportsman’s Paradise” by the Louisiana Office of Tourism could more aptly be called “Sports-family’s Paradise.” […]

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Sweet Home Alabama

I fell in love with the Ouachita River exactly one week after I pulled up stakes in South Louisiana and headed north. This affair began as my first trip to the river ended with a 7-pound bass on the proverbial “last cast.” […]

Bass Fishing

Perfecting Patterns

Roland Martin is given credit for having coined the phrase “pattern fishing” during the 1970s. He was one of the first anglers in the country to understand that replicating the exact set of water conditions like depth, cover, structure, temperature, clarity and current prevalent when he got a bite would lead to many more bites. […]

Bass Fishing

Crawfish Class

While learning the biology of crawfish might turn off those of us who enjoy them surrounded by potatoes, corn and garlic, the opposite is true for those who want to catch more bass with them. […]