Mastering the Marsh

It was the perfect lease. After years of waiting, they had finally landed a prime duck-hunting lease, and opening day had arrived. As they waited in the pre-dawn darkness, they rehearsed their shots at the imaginary gray ducks and widgeon that would surely be swinging into the decoys when legal shooting time arrived — a mere 15 minutes away. […]


Four-Leaf Cloverly

What makes four-leaf clovers so lucky is that they’re so difficult to find. You could pick an entire acre of clovers one by one and still not stumble on the lucky one that has four leaves instead of three. […]


Cloud Dancers

The Good Lord gave us a glorious sunrise, the glowing orb back-lighting a cloud in the eastern sky that looked for all the world like an angel in flight. I snapped a few photos as the sun slowly nibbled away the cloud bank. […]