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Rig worker lands possible state-record mangrove

Offshore oilfield worker Marty Trahan thought he had caught the fish of his life last summer when he landed a 31-pound red snapper, but Trahan cranked up a fish Monday (June 6)that may propel him into Louisiana’s fishing immortality.

While between shifts on a platform in South Marsh Island 128, Trahan and some other workers decided to kill time dropping baits to the myriad fish in the aquarium-clear water beneath them.

“We were on one side catching red snapper, and I told the guys, ‘I’m going to go catch some mangroves,'” Trahan said.[…]

Apex Predator

Great-tasting deer meat is just a soak away

Deer meat can be one of the most delicious meats around, but due to its low fat content it can be tough if not cooked down for long amounts of time. I’ve got a trick to overcoming this, as well as taking any gamey taste out of the meat: fruit juice marinades.[…]