The Big Show is coming to town

On Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, the Lake Charles Civic Center will come alive with one of the largest expos ever dedicated to fly fishing, fly tying and kayak fishing on the northern Gulf Coast. The FFF Gulf Coast Expo 2007 comes courtesy of the newly-formed Gulf Coast Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers. […]


Son of the South

If I didn’t know any better, I would swear that Trey Riley was from Route 4, Liberty, Miss., rather than Franklinton, La. I could imagine him having cousins named Marcel, Odell, Claude, Eugene and Clovis. And it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe he had a coon-hunting monkey tied up behind his house. […]


On an Edwing and a Prayer

“Puffin – trip this year VENICE La.

“Taking the boat for a month of fish catching fun. Keta and me so far. Looking for a wing man or men more the merrier. March looks like the month. Cost usually runs $60-75 a day. weaklings need not apply. Tuna Amberjack Wahoo and so on. […]


Deerly Beloved

The water wasn’t what I’d call clean, especially for bream fishing. A strong southerly breeze had been blowing for several days, and the water was backed up and heavily stained to muddy. […]


Tuna Town

Every school has its legends.

In the hallowed halls of Metairie’s Ridgewood Prep, deep in the dusty corners of painted hallways, amidst the clanging of slammed locker doors, the faint echo of one name still resonates. […]

Events & Announcements

Brees to take sick kids fishing

When free agent quarterback Drew Brees inked his name on the richest contract in New Orleans Saints history last spring, the entire region rejoiced over the prospects of watching the overacheiving passer hurling bullets to the team’s speedy wideouts. […]


What Lurks Below

Have you ever been fishing offshore on a boat, looked down and wondered what it would be like to see what lurks beneath the legs of a towering oil rig whose barnacle-encrusted legs extend hundreds or thousands of feet below the surface? […]


Jerked Up

Professional bass fisherman Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Fla., has won $1.3 million just on the BASS circuit with a combined total of about $2 million in wins. However, when he’s not fishing for bass, Grigsby enjoys fishing inshore for specks and reds. […]