Young Guns

Sarah Hebert had been in the woods since she was about 5 years old. She had been coached on the ways of hunting by her father, and she had spent time on the range.[…]


Free Bucks for All

I met the grizzled hunter at a taxidermy shop when he came in with two huge bucks. One had eight points with tall, heavy antlers. The other, a magnificent 12-pointer, didn’t have antlers quite as heavy, but it had a very wide rack and extremely long tines — much wider and longer than the 8 point’s.[…]


Fly Lines

In the August issue of Louisiana Sportsman, Marty Cannon gave several good reasons why the sport of paddlecraft fishing, otherwise known as “puddling,” is the hottest segment of the outdoors industry.[…]


Bucks Look Up

I could see halfway down ivory antlers that looked wide and heavy moving above the gallberry bushes. I stood quietly, clicked my mechanical release onto the string of my bow and prepared to draw.[…]


Black Gold

Gilbert’s James McMurray was getting worried. Deer season was ending and his freezer was sorely lacking packages marked “venison” to carry his family through the months ahead.[…]

Bass Fishing

Back to Normal

Like most everybody else in Southeast Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, my family and I spent our days assessing damage, clearing downed trees and just generally looking after other folks. Normal seemed such a long way away. It still does.[…]


.17 HMR — New bang on the block

The snake was a moccasin, swimming downstream in what was called the “old” river — a channel off the Amite, running behind an elongated island. We were in Port Vincent on Butch Croom’s land. The lazy waters of the old river channel flowed behind the land with absolutely no discernible water movement.[…]