Shimano is introducing this week the all new Antares freshwater baitcasting reel series, built for long casts and super smooth operation.

The four-reel series includes the 100 model (left-hand 101) with a 5.6:1 gear ratio that retrieves 26 inches of line per crank. 

“This is the ideal ratio to fish lures that keep constant tension on the line, such as crankbaits, spinnerbaits and swimbaits,” said Robby Gant, a member of Shimano’s product development team. 

For jigs, worms, soft plastic and fishing Carolina rigs, Gant suggests the Antares 100HG and 101H reels, which feature a quick 7.4:1 gear ratio that retrieves nearly 34 inches of line per crank.

The series features Shimano’s Micro Module gear system, which reduces the size and increases the number of gear teeth on the pinion and drive gear. 

“While anglers know all about the smoothness of Shimano reels, the Antares reels are at the next level, all leading to not only exceptional casting distance, but also exceptional power and durability,” Gant said.

And the SVS Infinity brake system controls spool speed for precision casting when using lighter lures, using an external knob for quick, precise adjustments when you switch.

Added features include a “G Free Spool II,” a large diameter, ultralight Magnesium spool and a cone-shape level wind guide to reduce line friction.

“Both these features combine to maximize casting distance and performance,” Gant said. “Plus we reduce the overall weight even more with our Super MG frame - the reason we stress highly that the Antares reels be used for freshwater only.”

All four Antares reels have 10 anti-rust ball bearings in strategic locations, a one-way roller bearing for no handle back play, and weigh in at 7.93-ounces. They’ll handle from 200 yards of 6-pound test mono to 120 yards of 10-pound test.

The suggested retail price for all sizes of the Antares reel is $599.99.

For more information on the new series, see your local tackle dealer or visit the Shimano Web site by clicking here