Just 65 pounds and stackable, Kajun Kayak's 12-foot long, 34-inch-wide model is light enough for one person to handle and load into the bed of a pickup truck.

When it comes to wintertime fishing, the kayak draws very little water, is stable enough to stand up in to sight fish and has a high, comfortable seat that provides excellent visibility.

"The seat, some say, has a drawback in that you tend to get blown around in the wind," Coghlan said, "but we designed the craft for sight-fishing. The seat allows you to get a little bit higher where you can see better, plus is more comfortable.

"It also was designed to stand up in — so you can see redfish before you paddle right up on them."

For more information on Kajun Kayaks go to the company's Web site at www.kckayaks.com.