The water was a sheet of glass when Capt. Austin Plaisance wheeled his Blazer Bay out of the canal into the shallow, grass-filled pocket.

And it was quickly apparent redfish were swarming the cove.

“Look at all the wakes,” Plaisance called out.

Indeed, the open water between grass beds looked like a fleet of submarines was on the move.

“There’s a big school of fish in here,” Plaisance said as he pulled the boat off plane.

The fact that he had spooked every redfish in the vicinity didn’t faze the owner of Louisiana Redfish Outfitters.

“They’ll settle down and come right back,” Plaisance predicted.

He and YouTube’s Todd “Marsh Man” Masson began working swimbaits through the grass. I chose a ChatterBait.

I was the first to get a bite, a hard whack that knocked my lure sideways. But somehow, the fish missed the hook.

More bites were in the offing, and Masson and I soon had chunky marsh bass flopping over the gunnel.

But the redfish for which we were hunting seemed to have disappeared.

Until Plaisance switched to a spoon — one my least-favorite baits in existence.

Several casts later, he sank the hook into something that didn’t budge.

“That’s a redfish,” he grunted.

And it wasn’t a little boy. The fish didn’t like the hook in its mouth a bit, stripping drag off the reel.

The Duce spinning rod doubled, but held tight.

Moments later the redfish was boatside, and Plaisance was digging