Out with old, in with new: Modern fish-finders tough to resist

Sonar’s job is to show us the depth, composition and shape of the bottom below our boats and reveal suspended objects like fish. The basic principles governing how sonar works don’t change, but manufacturers keep developing neat, new ways to manipulate them that make units easier to operate and bring picture-like displays to screens that even new users can understand at a glance.[…]


Red Cork Rising

Tournament redfishing — love it or hate it — has played an unquestioned role in two things: 1) permanently etching Louisiana as the redfish mecca, and 2) establishing competitors as innovators in catching fish regardless of conditions.[…]



The Scent-A-Way aerosol advanced formula spray from Hunter’s Specialties provides the same proven human scent control as the original packaging in a handy aerosol form that eliminates spills and waste.[…]


Take Home Angler: Gary Manzella

Not even halfway between Breton Island and the mouth of Baptiste Collette, Capt. Larry Averitt eased back on his throttle. As his custom aluminum bay boat settled into the chop, he turned around to inform his customers that he was going to have to go to plan B.[…]


Fall Frogging

Before Doc’s brother Clay returned to his exile in Atlanta, the wives decided we’d treat him to dinner — but at a fancy restaurant rather than at the usual raucous dinner party featuring the usual bull-red courtboullion, spawning sow-speck roe fritters and button-buck fajitas.[…]


Gray Ghosts on Black Lake

Northwest Louisiana is blessed with a number of beautiful cypress-studded lakes that have long served as magnets for area fishermen. Lakes such as Bistineau, Black, Saline, Iatt and Nantachie were created hundreds of years ago by the Great River Raft, a massive log jam that clogged Red River from about modern-day Boyce to near Shreveport.[…]