LDWF offers the Louisiana Duck Stamp for purchase online and at license vendors

The 2023-2024 Louisiana Duck Stamp Winning Artist, Buck Spencer of Junction City, Oregon. (Photo courtesy LDWF)

Customers now have the option to purchase a Louisiana Waterfowl Conservation Stamp (Louisiana Duck Stamp) online or at their local license vendor.  Customers can continue to purchase these stamps at the LDWF Baton Rouge headquarters office or through the mail. This new service will allow the convenience of purchasing online or at any license vendor.

The 2023-2024 stamp currently available is shown above; beginning on June 1, the new 2024-2025 Louisiana Duck Stamp will be available for purchase (see image below).

Anthony J. Padgett of Noblesville, Indiana was the winning entry in the 2024 Louisiana Duck Stamp competition. (Photo courtesy LDWF)

Louisiana State Duck Stamp Prices

$5.50 – Resident

$25.00 Non-Resident

Anyone can purchase either stamp, regardless of your residency type.

The Louisiana Duck Stamp began in 1988 with the Louisiana Legislature authorizing the creation of the Louisiana Waterfowl Conservation Stamp Program, with the purpose of securing revenue to create, enhance, and protect wetland habitats to benefit Louisiana’s ducks and geese.  The projects these funds have facilitated over the years have, and continue to, benefit not only ducks and geese but countless additional wetland birds and other wildlife, in addition to providing and enhancing recreational pursuits of hunters, bird watchers, tourists, and any other citizens that appreciate wetlands, wetland wildlife, and the ecological services they offer.

To learn more about the duck stamp program and contest, visit: https://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/page/louisiana–duck-stamp