LDWF agents rescue couple from Southwest Pass in Vermilion Parish

Senior Agent Joshua Segrest makes his way through the mud to get to the stranded boaters. (Photo courtesy LDWF)

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents rescued a husband and wife after their boat got stuck in Vermilion Parish on July 3.

Agents were notified around 5:30 p.m. on July 3 about two people who were fishing in a boat in the southwest pass when the tide went out, which subsequently stuck their boat in the mud. The husband and wife tried to get it unstuck but were unsuccessful.

Agents arrived on the scene immediately but could only get their boat within a few hundred yards of the stuck boat. Agents also learned that the wife was dealing with a medical issue that needed immediate attention.

The agents had to construct a raft out of personal flotation devices to keep the wife out of the mud that was mixed with oyster shells. Agents were finally able to pull the wife to one of their vessels and then the husband was second.

Agents then transported the couple to the Intracoastal City boat dock where Acadian Ambulance was waiting. The couple were treated by Acadian Ambulance and released.

Agents participating in the rescue were Corporal Derek Logan and Senior Agent Joshua Segrest.