CCA plans new artificial reef on south end of Big Lake

Construction set for later this spring

Anglers will soon have a new 5- to 6-acre artificial reef to fish over on the south end of Big Lake.

Coastal Conservation Association Louisiana  announced construction of the reef — which will be made from concrete and limestone — is expected to begin in April or May.

“We are excited to provide this new reef in an area of Big Lake that has suffered from tremendous loss of the natural reef habitat,” Lake Charles CCA President Eric Mire said in a press release.  “People come from all over the world to fish this amazing estuary, and all of us who enjoy recreational angling here have been concerned about reef habitat loss in the southern lake.

“This project is an opportunity to give back to this lake that is such an important part of our culture and our local economy.”

The reef material will be arranged in a strategic pattern to maximize tidal flow and create elevation contours, a method proven effective in other recent reef projects.

“CCA appreciates the efforts of our partners at Shell, DLS Energy and Wildlife and Fisheries,” said John Walther, CCA’s vice president of habitat.  “This new project in Big Lake is a wonderful example of how an organization like CCA can partner with private industry and state government to create positive change.  Thank you, also, goes out to our Lake Charles volunteers for their vision and leadership.”

The new reef will be the third of its kind built by CCA in Calcasieu Lake: In 2007, Turner’s Bay Reef was constructed, and in 2012 CCA and its partners installed the Brad Vincent Reef in mid-lake.

The new Big Lake reef will be the 20th project of its kind built by CCA in the past decade.

The organization also has plans for two additional reefs to be built on the Louisiana coast between now and July: one in Western Lake Pontchartrain and another in Terrebonne Bay.