Biloxi Marsh: Trout in transition

Capt. Casey Kieff said live shrimp under a popping cork will catch trout this month, as will gold spoons for reds in the upper Biloxi Marsh.

Target oyster reefs in fringe bays

Despite lingering warm temperatures, September’s trout transition is already underway, according to Capt. Casey Kieff.

“This month you’ll find the trout are scattered, from deep inside the Biloxi Marsh all the way to the outside waters of Breton Sound, and throughout the in-between areas,” he said. “But they just won’t likely be all stacked up in any one spot.”

Kieff said the rigs and structures in Breton Sound will still yield some nice fish in September, even though trout catches out there haven’t been consistent all summer.

“It’s definitely worth taking a shot at some bigger fish on a calm day,” he said.

But Kieff said he plans to target the oyster reefs in the big fringe bays because this is the month action there should really turn on.

“This is generally prime time for areas like Christmas Camp Lake, Drum Bay, Morgan Harbor and Lawson Bay, and even around Comfort Island,” he said. “You can get over the reefs and drift or anchor, and fish live shrimp and plastics under a cork. As we move more into the fall months action should turn on in Lake Anastasia, Lake Eugene, Lake Eloi and in the various Biloxi Marsh lakes.”

Live shrimp fished under a popping cork is the best bait for trout action, but soft plastics will catch some fish also.

Kieff said the redfish action has been good in the upper Biloxi Marsh, especially in ponds around Bayou Biloxi and in the interior lagoons. Weedless gold spoons fished along the edges of the grass or market shrimp parked at a drain, cove or at a point with current movement should be irresistible to the red maulers, he said.

Capt. Casey Kieff can be reached at 504-512-7171.

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