200-class ‘Big Nasty’ bites the dust in Mississippi

Cactus buck suffered from cryptorchidism, biologist says

With one buck in mind, Stan Ethredge raced home from a fall family vacation to the Smoky Mountains as fast as traffic and his good sense would allow.

A fireman and an avid deer hunter, Ethredge was hoping to get to his rural Neshoba County, Miss.  home for a late afternoon hunt on Oct. 20.

Can’t blame him for that, knowing what he knew was lurking around the family’s wooded land adjacent to his home — it was a buck Ethredge and others had named “Big Nasty.”

Before the day would end, Ethredge would meet up with the deer he had been tracking for several years and put it down, creating a stir around Mississippi deer hunting circles.

The odd buck, with so many points, most of which are knobbier than pointed, is a unique trophy. A freak is what it is. The antlers measured over 200 total gross inches. Using the Buckmaster system, it topped 227 inches.

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Bill Garbo is a petroleum engineer and avid whitetail hunter from Madison, Miss. He has lived and hunted out west and taken numerous big game species, but hunting big old mature southern whitetail bucks is his favorite pursuit by a country mile.