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Well I took the trip to Indiana this past weekend to pick up my new hunting partner. Meet Brandywines NOLA JAZZ (Jazzy) Female 9 wk old Boykin Spaniel. What a treat she is. Already picking up bumpers and frozen birds. Cant wait for the season.

July 14, 2010 at 9:15pm

Recently I purchased a new friend to train for the upcoming duck season. I know I know, It is ruined for the guys who hunt the marsh in S.La. But in the light of it all, there are other places for some of us to go to maintain our hunting heritage. It is a sad event but I am truely excited about my new pup. I am flying to Indiana to pick her up on the 9th of July. She is coming home from Brandywine kennels to Diamondhead Ms in just a couple of weeks. Her name is Brandywines NOLA JAZZ. Seems to be fitting in a way. I just wished I was going to be able to introduce her to my favorite spot down in Pass A loutre but it looks like she may be of an elderly age by the time this happens. But anyway, I want to share my new compodrey with my fellow duckmen. ...................

June 17, 2010 at 8:24am

Well, We have change for sure. By the hand of Human Error in both cases. But I shall not point fingers at much. The fact is we do more harm than good when we as the human race set out to capture those things that are empowered by greed. We set around as citizens and do nothing and say nothing as long as things are placid. All of a sudden some event happens and we wake from a trance…… Things we love are taken from us. People we love are taken from us.
Fact is we need passion today, yesterday and tomorrow. We need passion for life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Maybe we should figure out how to install blowout preventers correctly on our attitudes. I decided long ago after several hours logged in the duck and deer woods that there was only one way to preserve my heritage. I never set out to beat them, I just joined them. I picked the Associations I felt were worthy of my cause….. My personal cause! Some folks sit around and talk about it as some conspiracy theory……. Thats not so! You have to join! You have to grab the hand of another and pull them in! Know what you believe in to the T so you will be able to explain it to deaf ears. Silence speaks for itself and it says absolutely nothing.
My waterfowling will not cease to exist now that my duck hole in S.La is destroyed. I will adapt and overcome and move to other styles of hunting. Thankfully I have friends with some fine duck holes that keep a seat for me. There is an approach we as Americans and Sportsmen need to take into making things happen. That is the power of speech and making our voices heard loud and clear. Blowout preventers? BP? Obama? Who is to blame? Well, we all are……… Lazily overlooking safety mechanisms. Getting too comfortable in our surroundings and not seeing the big picture. Not listening to the voices from Mother Nature. Theodore Roosevelt had a saying. It sticks in my mind. I often find myself pondering these thoughts everytime I set foot out side my door to head into those duck and deer woods. ” The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.” One may say it seems a little contradictory. Well my friends they do speak! Not everyone has the ability to listen………
This is just somethings I thought of at the loss of habitat and our need to have a voice. You do not have to agree with me just read and think.... I hate it as much as the other sportsmen. It is almost to a point where I do not even know how to talk about it much less comprehend the magnitude of devastation it will have on the whole world.

June 01, 2010 at 10:24am

Friday morning took me for a turkey for the first time this season. Immediately located and got set up in the perfect spot....... Just happened the hens flew down behind me and the roosting toms were in front. Fog was burning off as I could make out three blobs around 60 yards out...... Ol boss would gobble and the two lessers would shock gobble behind him. With the help of the live hens directly behing me and a purr here and there I was able to close the deal.... Boss had a 10 inch beard sporting 1 1/4 inch and 1 1/8 th inch spurs... Weighing in at 20#,,,

March 21, 2010 at 6:47pm

I spent a whole lot of time in La this season. Taking on new areas and meeting new friends. Some came from the camps and some came from the internet connections. There is even one of you fellas that's gonna show me some of that yak fishing and I am showing you my spots on the island for the fly! But one thing is for sure, I had an awesome season no matter how you look at it. Our Ms holes are loaded to the gill with ducks now and all we can do it dream. So I am going to chase rabbits tomorrow to ease the pain!
I hope all you guys have a safe fishing season and remember safety. That way we can all drag each other through the mud again next duck season with some more of those really freakin funny things we say. Some of us know our stuff and some of us really dont! But whatever the case may be, stay safe,,,, Take a kid fishing and hunting and keep your faith in the almighty! As this spring comes around all I have to say is "here we go again!" Is it not wonderful? You betcha! BTW, Those pics added are some I had done for some stories for a mag and I really needed some cool shots of a retired friend of mine. 13 years old and time to stay home and warm now so the young buck (Zink) can learn. Also I have a new Boykin coming in early summer..... What an adventure it will be....

February 11, 2010 at 9:11pm

While duck season is closing I turn my thoughts towards my other passion. That is fly fishing. I have rambled through the latest spring edition fly fishing books and I am looking for the latest gadgets. I always try to figure out how to lighten my load while wandering through the flats. Sometimes bulky and awkward chest backs get in the way and you stuff pockets and such with the things you need. I did find an innovative idea made by another company and this is a lanyard. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Cheap is not good for sure,we all know that so I took it upon myself to build one...... It took quite a while to locate all the pieces and parts but I managed. There are additions I am going to add for sure. I just wanted to share this addition to my arsenal. And I have lightened my load to a bare minimum and I can not wait to put it to use....... Let me know what ya think!

January 22, 2010 at 7:16pm

Yesterday there were 2 guys that lost their lives chasing ducks....... I believe a prayer or two is in order for the families. How many times do we overlook safety? Keep it in mind fellas!
Arkansas White River area. 8 hunters in boat and 2 did not make it. The report is still young so details are slim at this time.

January 18, 2010 at 12:19pm

Recently I befriended a fellow duckhunter from Minnesota. Throughout our conversations I became aware there is also similar problems that also arise within our waterfowling community. That is the Question of "Where are the Ducks?" I contacted him for permission to post our e-mail so a few of us interested down in the south may read and reconsider our negative thoughts of DU and the conservation initiatives estb to secure our waterfowling future. All initiatives play a role in the same effort just as each rung on a ladder has its role. Please read and enjoy. Have an open mind and realize its not just the SOUTH wondering where the ducks are sometimes. Be warned that my post have some toe stomping comments and this is by my own mind that I feel this way. Shared by some and bashed by others. You will find in the key words of two dedicated hunters that Scouting more yourself, Hunting longer. Get outside the box! Is the method to get your bag more consistently..
Andrew will be coming to hunt the Great State of La next season. We all share the same passion! Good luck, good gear, and Gods speed!
I will possibly be doing a radio segment from the south to the north on Southern Waterfowl hunting. While we will surely not be discussing the bashing , I will be speaking of how awesome it is to be from the south and how rewarding our Waterfowling seasons are. I am hopeing that our words from the south will somehow bring a new light on the arguments that obviously both areas of our country face and are one in the same. Maybe we are missing something? Maybe Mother Nature is exactly who is to blame.....


You can feel free to use my posts whenever you’d like. Just give me a heads up and I’m totally fine with it, I’m A-OK with whatever it takes to spread the good word of wildlife habitat conservation/restoration.

Here’s a link to a good story that explains the plight of MN duck hunting(I listed the DNR’s Proposed harvest as being 18% in my last e-mail, if you read the story it’s actually 16% so just change that up and we’re good to go):

“Born in watery lands, Minnesotans seek ducks and geese in greater proportion to their population than residents of any other state. And nowhere is the tradition of duck hunting more tightly woven into the culture. Camouflaged john boats, Labrador retrieving dogs, wildlife paintings and early risings on October mornings are so common in Minnesota that duck shortages here are considered by many less a resource loss than a painful void in the state's soul.”

Thanks, hope all is well!

ANDREW VAVRA | Merchandise & Marketing Specialist
Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever | 1783 Buerkle Circle | Saint Paul, MN 55110
p. (651) 209-4947 | f. (651) 773-5500 |

Pheasants Forever ♦ Quail Forever ♦ PF Blog ♦ PF Fan Page

From: Tommy Ware []
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:31 AM
To: Andrew Vavra
Subject: Re: Radio Segment

AV, I post quite a bit on La Sportsman website. We have numerous folks there that are Conservation Bashers. DU mainly. They believe that DU makes it a point to dump grain and buy heaters for ponds to stall the Ducks up North. I find this very amusing considering my duck breast turnover is pretty good if this is happening. I suppose its the lack of ability of these duck hunters to be successful in the field and have nothing to do but blame their shortcomings on someone else. What I would like to do is copy our last e-mail where you spoke of MN intentions of its Duck Hunters on harvest percentage and how it is also tough for you guys in the North. It may shed a little light to the Non believers and those who still refuse to get outside the box and actually scout once in a while. If not this is fine. I wouldnt want it in anyway to be a negative reflection to your name and position. So in no way would I do something to myself or another to compromise our positions.


From: Andrew Vavra
To: Tommy Ware
Sent: Wed, January 13, 2010 8:40:41 AM
Subject: RE: Radio Segment

Hey Tommy,

After looking through your duck photos I’ve come to a few conclusions:

1.) I’m completely jealous that you’re still able to put on the ole’ advanced wetland camo and chase some green heads.

2.) I think next year is going to be a great trip.

I’m looking forward to the challenges of hunting down south. I’ve camped and fished in some of the most remote places in the country but I’ve never made it down south so it will be a new adventure that I’m really excited to tackle.

It’s nice to see you’re taking some good looking mixed bags. This past year in MN was one of the tougher years for ducks in memory for both young and old hunters. Our Department of Natural Resources has made it a goal to have MN hunters harvest 18% of the Mississippi Flyway ducks every year (this is what we used to average). However, the past few years has us averaging out at only 9%. To me this just means you have to scout more and hunt harder to get your birds but it’ll be nice to chase them in a completely new way.

Hopefully with the restoration efforts of groups like Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl and the generous amounts of dedicated funding MN is putting towards this battle, things will slowly turn around up north. But until then, I’ll be looking forward to taking a few trips to new locations.

- Andrew

From: Tommy Ware []
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:22 AM
To: Andrew Vavra
Subject: Re: Radio Segment

AV, go to My FB and see the ducks we took where I am wanting to take you next season. Man it was tough! But worth it! I will try not to make it so hard for you guys when you come! Nah! Your getting the full taste of South La. for sure! T......


From: Andrew Vavra
To: Tommy Ware
Sent: Wed, January 6, 2010 11:52:04 AM
Subject: Radio Segment


I hope the new year has found you in good health and great spirits.

I just thought I’d run a quick idea by you:

Pheasants Forever hosts a weekly segment on the nationally syndicated radio program The Big Wild ( and Anthony and I are currently brainstorming some segment ideas for 2010. Would you be interested in talking a little southern waterfowl action with us? The segment would run about 7 minutes and it will be a pretty casual conversation about anything related to waterfowl (wouldn’t be a bad place to get a plug or two in for Drake).

If interested, I’ll put your name on our list of 2010 guests and then get a hold of you again for some contact info and purposed time slots to have you call in (we’ll probably be recording segments sometime late this month or early next month).

Just let me know if this is something you’d like to do, Thanks!

Yours in conservation,

ANDREW VAVRA | Merchandise & Marketing Specialist
Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever | 1783 Buerkle Circle | Saint Paul, MN 55110
p. (651) 209-4947 | f. (651) 773-5500 |

Pheasants Forever ♦ Quail Forever ♦ PF Blog ♦ PF Fan Page

January 14, 2010 at 11:36am

Ive chatted before about duck mounts. I live close to Slidell and need info on a good taxidermist. I spoke with a fella some time back that did work in Slidell but moved to Picayune I believe. Ive lost that number! I am looking for a good mount for a deadfowl mount. Ive decided to mount a Pintail,Mottle Drake , bluewing drake and Grey duck drake as my deadfowl mount of choice. Any ideas on who will be greatly appreciated.

January 13, 2010 at 1:19pm

Decided to go South for the front. Plenty of ducks to be had. Had some issues with the tide and rafting ducks..... All in all took some nice birds for the bag. Coulda smoked 100 pintail a day. Sat and watched them decoy for fun! Actually looked for bands..... Wonderful hunt but bitter cold..... Gotta love it!

January 11, 2010 at 3:16pm

Got to love that GREEN!!!!!!

December 29, 2009 at 8:27pm

We all have talked about what a black duck looks like. Well my buddy Robby put one on the water this a.m. We hoped to have a repeat of our weekend as you saw in the last post but the wind changed direction and bam something happened to the ducks. We did take 3 greenheads and this black duck. It was a good hunt with my bro. Monday we did not make it to our hole due to someone else slipping in on us. We sat and watched 60 pintail or more and a hundered or so mallard trying like crazy to drop in the hole. Unfortunate circumstances for those guys in our hole.... We could see they were not wearing face mask or utilizing cover and flared all but 5 ducks that a.m.... We did enjoy the show! It is said location is the key but you got to know what to do with it when you have it!

December 29, 2009 at 8:17pm

Me and two of my friends hunted this past weekend off of the Mississippi River flood waters and boy we had a great time. I am posting a couple of pics of our hunts. We also took a black duck which I will post in another frame to show you what one looks like..... We set up with a couple of greys to start the day off and waited until midday for the Mallards to leave the rice for the timber resting area...

December 29, 2009 at 8:04pm

Went to the PRWMA today just to see what was going on. I found it to be a wonderful day as far as time with my pup Zink. We all have spoke of new pups each year and wondered how they were going to do. I will post a couple of pics of him to this post. Well, he was a champ.! He picked up the four birds I took like a seasoned dog! I was very pleased and he got the taste and feel to the max! However I was a little dissgruntled when it was time to clean my birds..... All four contained rice worms. I sure hated tossing them. So I looked up a little info about these parasites.. I choose the latter of the two...
Human Health Concerns, Risk Reduction and Edibility of Meat

* Sarcocystis presents little health hazard to humans as the parasite is destroyed by cooking. The primary importance to humans of Sarcocystosis in waterfowl is the loss of infected birds for food; the unaesthetic appearance of parasitized muscle may prompt hunters to discard the carcass.
* However, at this time some scientists feel that so much is unknown about Sarcocystosis that it is recommended that infected meat from ducks and rabbits not be used for human consumption or fed to cats and dogs.
I choose the latter of the two! What a waste but a learning experience for my Zink!

December 21, 2009 at 6:27pm

Decided to break the wait on duck season with a little deer hunt.... Waited the rain out and made it to my stand this a.m. Within minutes I had five doe sifting through the water for what was left of the acorn crop. Water oaks mostly..... Decided to see what the new MAGNUS broad heads would do! I drew my bow, got comfortable and let it fly! She spun hopped 10 yards and just stood there shaking her tail. I could see my arrow on the ground and thought man! I missed! Seconds later she fell over! What a hunt! In and out in about an hour...........

December 13, 2009 at 8:18pm

just wanted to post a pic of a good friend of mine and his monster 8 pt. 22 inches... Taken off the same stand 2 seasons after I took mine. Consistantly fine bucks taken off public land, within the same 100 yard area.... There should be more to come! Good buck Bobby. Im going to post a pic of mine again and his....

December 10, 2009 at 6:47am

Lets say I take a three day camping trip to an area. I am allowed to hunt friday evening, sat morning or evening and then again on sunday. I know the daily bag limit is no more than twice the daily bag limit on ducks. 36 ducks would be possibly shot, unless we look at possesion limit it would be only 24.
I know honesty is best in this case so we wont factor in what we may grill and eat! So actually we can not take out 36 ducks? We can only take 24 ducks over a three day hunt? These laws are set forth to keep people from just devastating those ducks in three days I suppose. But what can we really do?
When I guided I took guys three days in a row before and they had their 36 ducks to take home. Sometimes we shot along with them. Sometimes the guys didnt want the ducks and we kept them for ourselves. We tagged these with proper info and just took them home. What is your take?

November 16, 2009 at 3:57pm

Made the trek to Venice this past weekend for a one hunt trip..... My friend and I saw a few birds but as it is with storms it usually messes things up in some places. We met some nice folks at the camping area and traded a few tales. They were pretty receptive of us being there in there spots...... Sure it is public but we all know how it goes! We scouted the evening before and found our hole for the opener.... It provided 8 ducks for us. 4 BWng, 2 GWng a mottled and spooney! We saw several groups of high flyers but what can you expect from blue bird days in the Marsh? It was an interesting and cool trip! I will definately be going back soon. To you guys we met camping, " thanks for the dog safety tips about that cane " Our dogs made it out unscathed! Good luck to yall, see you again!

November 16, 2009 at 10:56am

What a week its been... Tropical depressions! My wedding on wend (Loix xiv New Orl.)and off to S.La to shoot ducks on Friday for sat opener! People wonder how I get away with shooting ducks three days after my wedding.... Well, its like this! I love duck hunting and she knows it! I love her too! She knows that! Plus we have already been married for 7 months and this is just an expensive party that we paid for for our family and friends...... A wedding party. but the deal was I would agree to this as long as I was shooting ducks by the week end! Plus that beautiful ring I bought her! BOY< DUCK HUNTING IS EXPENSIVE! Gotta love them both! Good luck Duckmen! Have a safe trip! Im gone for the rest of the week! Cut em all!

November 10, 2009 at 12:46pm

I was at work the other day and over heard a fellow discussing a new washer and dryer with his wife on the phone. I didnt want to get in his buisness but I had the both in storage and offered to give him a good deal. He said he could not afford a new set and offered a trade. I know this fella and really couldnt imagine what he had I would be interested in. So blindly today I loaded up the washer and dryer and went to his house with them. He said it was a rifle that belonged to his grandfather. I felt bad trading it but I knew he needed the washer and we both would be satisfied with the trade. He handed me a circa 1940 or earlier Savage model 99/ 300. Its said to be the grandfather of all rifles of today. It is a lever action (cowboy style) has the checker stamping on the forend and is a deep walnut finish. This bad boy is in excellent condition! It has the fancy forend with the sweeping end. Their is a term for this but I can not remember the name. It resembles the safari style rifles of today. There is a very interesting history with this firearm. It is worth way more than the trade for sure. Just wanted to share with you gun enthusiast..... Oh I also got 5 boxes of ammo with this. It cost around 2 bucks a cartridge and can still be found today!

November 06, 2009 at 8:04pm
A comment titled: breeding. in response to a report titled: Boykins

Well as it stands now. The limited reg. is until she has proven her health cerf. Ex = eyes,hips and heart. Also if this comes back as good or excellent or adding into HRC hunt test seasoned the registration will be lifted. Yea it is a strict registration but in turn it proved to me that the breeder cares a lot for his name and pups. Jazzy is out of SM GC SHR Brandywines Northern Dixie and HR Lilly's Full Choke Hunter. I figured It will give me the extra drive to push this pup to be an awesome dog. And it gives me a couple of years to decide if breeding is what I want to do. Of course I want a pup one day. But she is fine for now. Plus adding into account I have a year and a half old lab pup in the works. He is just a meat dog though........I spent the weekend with Mr Hinchman at his home and kennel and I have to say this fella knows his stuff. The dogs he has are awesome and proven. Well worth the extra cost. If and when I breed I will suggest the same from the sire on the cerfs. This way we will not be degrading the breed or the name if the cerfs are not acceptable. The boykin is surely a fine specimen. If we can all get togeather one day with our dogs on a hunt I bet that would be a real hoot for sure!

July 15, 2010 at 10:09pm
A comment titled: pup in response to a report titled: my new pup


June 18, 2010 at 11:13am
A comment titled: ? in response to a report titled: Getting taken by a fishing guide

I did not say for the guide to not pay him back. I said to wait and see if he will. I did not mean to sound like the guy was loaded and did not need it! I was saying it is obvious by paying that amount for a guide that he must not be hurting for it back.... Just give the guide the benefit and a chance to pay it back! Go back and re-read the post...... Or take reading comprehension 101...
We all read about guides recently on here keeping money since the oil spill. Do not jump to conclusions yet.

June 01, 2010 at 12:46pm
A comment titled: taken? in response to a report titled: Getting taken by a fishing guide

It is obvious you have enjoyed your experience with this guide. Not sure of the whole situation of yours but I believe I would give the local a break...... The oil spill and BP definately will not. Hopefully he can make good of your situation in time. Do not shoot the guide yet..... If you have the money to pay that kind of figure to hire a guide, you must have a good job! Be thankful for that. Your guide is out of work now for the most part. Just give the fella a little time to make his deal ............

June 01, 2010 at 11:11am
A comment titled: Sad. in response to a report titled: Thread locked, but discussion can continue

Ive watched and listened since the blast. Let me begin with my prayers to the families that have lost loved ones. Secondly to the families that make a living from the Gulf waters and marshes. Very sad times for all. I have a hollow, sickly feeling and somewhat lost feeling in my gut and soul for that matter. We never think or expect things like this to happen. How will we cope with those beautiful days of the fishing and Duck hunting or even working ones tail off for a dollar while seeing the oil laden shorelines and suffering of the ecosystem? We are sportsmen, fishermen , oil hands, AMERICANS! We will overcome! I shall commit myself to volunteer in what ever way possible to help. One man and crew will not be enough. Although it is not our fault nor the oil industry I am somehow compelled to give some of my free time to help in the cause. I hunt these marshes and fish this Gulf. It is mine and ours. I will treat it the same now and forever. Do what you can out there when the time comes to lend a hand.

April 29, 2010 at 9:49pm
A comment titled: snake! in response to a report titled: nice pic from lacassine

Nice Banded water snake..... Or diamondback if thats the lingo.... Mr. attitude anyway and eats a lot of fish and varmits.

April 12, 2010 at 9:37pm
A comment titled: well in response to a report titled: Homemade Rabbit Bags!!

If I get you two orders do ya think you can take time to make me a couple? Those would be perfect for upland hunting too. Also it will work nice for a training bag. I have a training bag but it is cumbersome and large. Lots of bumpers, scents, collars and all. This will be perfect for taking a few things from the big bag and using exactly what I need while field training. My bud is a big rabbit hunter. He will find this bag as a nice thing to have too! Thanks for sharing. Let me know if you want to make me two. No hurry.

February 22, 2010 at 8:26pm
A comment titled: hmmmm in response to a report titled: Homemade Rabbit Bags!!

I dont know about 60 bucks! Kinda steep. I am sure its good craftsmanship but dang! I would like two! Can ya come down a bit? Ive got a leather and oil canvas mcalister bag for less than 60........ Not knocking your bag but its hard to know quality for sure without putting my hands on it..... Looks good though! I would like to get my pod one too! let me know!

February 22, 2010 at 2:00pm
A comment titled: cool in response to a report titled: Homemade Rabbit Bags!!

Are you manufacturing some for sale?

February 22, 2010 at 12:29pm
A comment titled: cost in response to a report titled: Dularge Charter Discount

4 people for 300?

January 21, 2010 at 9:49am
A comment titled: humor! in response to a report titled: Where did all the deer go?

They are held up north on fresh watering holes and a newly germinated clover and wheat field that is placed out by DU... DU bought thousands of acres to pull the deer up North to give those Ducks company. They are starting a new fertilizer experiment also for a rare african flower that grows only in deer poop!

January 20, 2010 at 7:29am
A comment titled: nice in response to a report titled: Sherburne South Farm

Looks like a couple of Generals fell to your guns! Good going fellas! Nice!

January 18, 2010 at 12:53pm
A comment titled: good post Wigeon in response to a report titled: A must read for the waterfowl guys

By the way.... I went down through the list of Duck postings. I couldnt help but notice there were several post that start off" Ducks finally showing up in our lease!"
I cant help but resort back to what I was saying earlier! Save your money on those leases! Obviously its not the place..... Of course you may wish you had it next year when the ducks do decide to use it but seriously consider your options and relook at what I suggested......
Guide services are GUIDE SERVICES for a reason! Most cases they will have ducks! When they dont I can gaurantee you they have a back up plan......
Do not wait for the ducks to come to you, Go to the ducks! They are evolving while you sit still!!!!!

January 18, 2010 at 10:45am
A comment titled: yepper in response to a report titled: A must read for the waterfowl guys

I believe you to be a smart feller! Have a good remainder of the season dude!

January 15, 2010 at 9:26pm
A comment titled: I know in response to a report titled: A must read for the waterfowl guys

I knew what you were saying trout...... But DU does have a project in effect now in La..
Conservation Benefiting Louisiana
Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Gulf Coastal Prairie
The Pintail Conservation Initiative

10/30/2009 Who controls the duck numbers? You do
10/16/2009 Ducks Unlimited senior official discusses coastal restoration with administration
10/07/2009 L. J. “Dr. Duck” Mayeux Tribute
06/22/2009 Cameron Parish Marsh Restored for Ducks and Fish
05/01/2009 Celebrating a Dedicated Louisiana Conservationist, Conserving 1,600 Acres
04/21/2009 Conservation Leaders Call for Full Funding of Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan To Reduce "Dead Zone"
04/15/2009 Rotorcraft Leasing Company Helps DU Conserve America’s Wetland
01/28/2009 Governor, DU to Restore Coastal Wetlands
10/20/2008 Baton Rouge 2008 Federal Duck Stamp Finalist
09/22/2008 Hurricanes Impact Wildlife Habitat in Texas and Louisiana
08/11/2008 LDWF Sets Tentative Migratory Waterfowl Season
07/28/2008 Louisiana Coastal Restoration Gets a Boost from California-based Company
06/05/2008 DU and Partners Recieve $998,576 for Mottled Duck Habitat Restoration
05/28/2008 New Conservation Reserve Program Focuses On Coastal Prairies
04/25/2008 L.W.F.C. Sets Agenda for May Meeting
04/09/2008 Researchers Study Mottled Ducks in Western Gulf Coast

January 15, 2010 at 6:38pm
A comment titled: bump in response to a report titled: A must read for the waterfowl guys

Bump Capt. Rue! I have no argument. Well said. Scout harder, hunt longer move to the ducks instead of waiting on them to come to you! Remember jerk string 101 if you want motion....... Trash those motion decoys! If you dont like duck hunting, quit! I will never stop fair chase or venturing to new ideas of chase. I refuse to try to make the ducks adapt to me so I will adapt to what the fowl hand me...... Hunting 101......

January 15, 2010 at 11:29am
A comment titled: look back. in response to a report titled: A must read for the waterfowl guys

If you look back on my comments you will see where I said I did not see the Grey ducks or wigeon like I thought I would have..... I did not intend on targeting just coastal erosion as an issue ..... What I tried to compare was the issue that Northern states are having problems too! Is it coastal erosion there? I seriously doubt it!
I have noticed the flyway moving westward. Thats why I noted traveling farther. Overall point is there is an issue and we are missing it somewhere!
My comparison of duck hunters is that when I was in high school, there were my deer hunting buddies! They joked with me because I duck hunted so much. I did not know a duck hunter outside of my family and mybe a neighbor or two that went with my grand dad or uncle! We ordered our waders and stuff from Western Auto or Sears. I noticed it becoming popular later on due to DU and Video's. My first video was a BETA and it was Yentzen call maker himself in the Marshes in texas wearing old brown camo and khaki pants, with red flannel shirt! It was pitiful in comparison to the chords sung today to the ducks! Lol!!!! Anyway.... I hope we figure it out! And I too am glad Deer and Pigs dont migrate...

January 15, 2010 at 9:28am
A comment titled: Puff? Hardly in response to a report titled: A must read for the waterfowl guys

No puffing here bro. Just stating what worked for me! My last two years have been very tough as it has for many. I set out this year to leave my ol honey holes that were not paying off, kept my money in the bank for that club and resorted to new spots. Resorted to holes once hunted before that had no food only cover and resting oportunities. Stayed in the blind in these holes when other hunters were leaving and waited it out. At first you would swear that there wasnt a duck within 100 miles and then the bottom dropped out. I fell from using the old weather channel like I used to and I actually picked that back up again. I resorted to traveling a little further and changing my gear(boats,pirouges etc.) Started frequent hunts to places i knew were a little harder to get to and took extra effort and time to get set up. It paid off for me to do this. I hope you dont really think that I believe that I am better! I just developed a strategy that I was willing to share. I shared and expected the bashing..... Maybe you should change a little.
This post is just saying a couple of things and bringing in a new light from the north that says there is an issue. We posted our ideas and thoughts of why and how this is taking place.
There are a lot more duckmen nowadays than there was when I was growing up. Pressure is mounting each and every season. Its us hunters that need to share ideas and explanations that may change a few things. I bet if you just take a few ideas from this and put them to work, your luck can change! What would it hurt? Nothing at all!

January 14, 2010 at 7:42pm
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3 picknick tables and ample room for camping. Checkin station on site and in the heart of the marsh. I suggest hunting in the evening in this area due to tide right now. Morning hunts you will get caught high and dry if your not careful. Be safe! Take care when exserting yourself if caught away from your boat in a mud flat. Take your time! Hypothermia is a killer this time of year! Take plenty of dry clothes and make sure your radio works! Enjoy!

January 14, 2010 at 4:01pm
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I agree with the both of you. However we are shedding light on different areas. #1 being why the ducks arent migrating. Are they learning? #2 We all three so far are not DU bashers. #3 waterways not freezing and pleniful food up north. Well ,ALL are correct and WERE an argument up until these past 2 weeks. Go to and read thread about ducks freezing to death down here in the south. How poor they looked, all species. If that is so ,why would they have not stayed up north? Sure some ducks feathers were wet and froze to the ice leading to death or starvation. So are we saying they forgot to fly or eat or commit to the same institctive behavior they have done since there beginning? Shoot man, I dont have a clue..... But I do know it is not the south that is the only ones facing difficulties. However I would like to note that I sat over 100 pintails in my deeks this past weekend and atleast saw 10 thousand more! Granted Gadwall were scarce and wigeon alike. Plenty of teal. Public hunting too! Boggling! So I will just stick to that big questionmark and Drive forward! Scout harder and hunt longer.......

January 14, 2010 at 2:42pm
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