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Took a couple hours off work to make an evening trip. 1st 2 spots we tried yielded 1 bass. 3rd spot we managed one bass the weighed 2lbs 10 oz.. 4th spot we tried,,,jackpot......

Finished our limit of 20 bass. Mom manged a few on white spinner bait and most of mine were caught on Senko Watermelon Red and Red Eye sexy shad. A couple on Strike King Sexy Shad crankbait.

Good times.

September 19 at 8:51pm

Managed to get myself out of the bed this morning to see what I could catch. Probably the best trip i had so far this year. Easily landing 20 - 30 bass. Found one drain/canal where they were stacked up. Seen bass busting shad in the middle of the canal. Making long cast past with Red-Eye shad sexy shad and buring just under the surface did the trick. Caught numerous on Red-eye, Senko of all colors, Spinner Bait and managed a couple on med diver sexy shad crank bait. Insane trip. Fall is pretty much here. The bass busting the shad correlates that.

September 16 at 3:14pm

An evening bass trip. Most caught on Watermelon red senko with 1/8 ox weight. Tossed back about 10 very small ones and missed 3 or so descent ones.

all caught off of points or near grass drops offs and edge of lilies.

September 15 at 8:54pm

Marsh fishing Evening trip. All on Watermelon Red Senko with 1/8 oz tungsten bullet weight.

Managed 7 that I kept. Tossed back about 6 and missed 3 decent ones. My mom managed 4 catfish.

Good Times

August 26 at 9:19pm
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September 19 at 9:11pm
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