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Inshore fishing for Redfish is great right now and the key to success is the Ole Popping Cork. I've been using this method since knee high to a grasshopper and it still fools them every time. There are many different corks out there to choose from and when i was young we made them out of dead willow trees found along the banks of the Intracoastal. Just put that into perspective before we make it too complicated. Homemade tackle on some string with a cane pole, dig up some worms along the bank and catch all the Bream you wanted. Whether it caused just a splash or had a built in rattle the fish loved finding them corks with a bait of some kind underneath. So let's fast forward 43 years and catch some Redfish under popping corks during the fall in the marsh(which is finally here thank god!) and understand nothing has really changed. No matter the type of fish the key to using the popping cork is in the name 'Popping'! Enjoy this beautiful fall fishing weather folks and take it from me the key to success for plenty of Redfish with either live, dead or artificial is to Pop That Cork.

Capt Damien Melancon

Yesterday at 10:46am

The fishing action is awesome right now out of Sportsmans Paradise in Chauvin La. We have been busy with everyone squeezing that last bit of summer vacation out of the August heat. The Redfish have complied with great numbers of fish being caught under popping corks with market shrimp. The sight fishing has been phenomenal with Redfish seen tailing on every trip out of the Chauvin Cocodrie area. The new custom Carolina skiff has plenty of room and a T top to provide shade when the sun gets hot. I m posting pics from our Redfish charters taken last week and I apologize if i missed anyones trip in this post. Check us out online to book your custom fishing adventure today.

Capt Damien Melancon

August 20 at 11:46am

Wooo it’s getting good folks. As the summer sun heats up the water the Redfish action gets fantastic. Look for Reds crashing bait along shorelines and get plenty of shrimp to fish under a popping cork. POP THAT CORK! We pop our rattle corks hard and often to attract Redfish and Black drum this month. I recommend to my clients to allow the fish to take the bait for a second before giving a firm hook set for better results.

Sight fishing the grass lines has been excellent this past week before 9am with calm winds. Top water plugs, gold spoons and spinner baits will work great if you can hit the target around tailing redfish. Sight fishing has been yielding much larger reds this week and the action will pick up as winds die down this month in July.

Check out our online summer special to book a trip for your crew today!

Capt Damien Melancon
The Redfish Charter Company

July 04 at 9:16am

The Redfish and Speckled Trout action continues out of Sportsman Paradise in Chauvin. The fishing will only get better as the summer starts to settle in and water temps rise causing a fishing frenzy. I have been using top water plugs early morning then switching to popping corks baited with shrimp after 9 am when the bite moves deeper. The fishing is great right now down the bayou. Check out our summer special online to book a custom fishing charter for your crew with The Redfish Charter Company.
Capt Damien Melancon

June 21 at 4:53pm

The Speckled Trout action has been fantastic with some nice hammers being caught out of Sportsmans Paradise Marina in Chauvin, LA. We have been catching nice trout under a popping cork fished about 18 inches deep with chartreuse jigs. The Redfish are patrolling along the marsh grass and are taking popping corks baited with shrimp. Do not let the rain worry you as we have plenty of good area to fish in the Chauvin. Come on down and let us help you make some great fishing memories! Check us out online and book our summer special. Capt Damien Melancon

The Redfish Charter Co

June 14 at 4:03pm

Wow what a Memorial Day weekend it was fishing in Cocodrie as we remembered our fallen veterans and marked the start of Summer vacations for many families along the gulf coast of America. I fished with 3 great groups this weekend and we had an awesome time fishing out of Sportsman’s Paradise Marina and Lodge in Chauvin, LA. Listen folks if the weather forecast is for scattered showers don’t cancel, come fishing and you’ll see how we move around the interior marshes to avoid the thunderstorms all the while putting you on the fish. We will keep it safe and not waste your valuable vacation time.

This weekend once again we found the redfish in ever increasing numbers along the grass beds in Cocodrie inhaling any shrimp placed in front of them. The action has been increasing daily as you can see by the Redfish Charter Co photos and great times had by all of our clients. Book a trip online and check out our Summer Vacation Special happening now.

Capt Damien Melancon

The Redfish Charter Company

May 28 at 10:31am

Weather has been great for fishing out of Sportsman's Paradise Marina so far this month and the Redfish bite has been great as well. Top water plugs, spinners and shrimp under a cork is the ticket for Redfish found along grass lines and grass beds right now. The action is outstanding and clients from 7 year olds to 70 year olds have been reeling in Redfish up to 15 pounds in the interior marshes as you can see in the pictures from this weekend. Get in on the action and check out our summer special online.

May 16 at 8:12am

Sight fishing for Redfish is just good fun right now in Chauvin out of Sportsman's Paradise Marina. Top water plugs, spinner baits and shrimp under a cork work well when fished along the grass beds. We're catching everything from slot redfish to bull redfish right now in the interior marshes. We can also take you on Speckled trout trips out to the islands if that's what you prefer. The action is full on right now. Check out our Spring Special available online and contact us to book your next fishing charter with The Redfish Charter Company.

May 09 at 12:00pm

Went out today with my crew from Arkansas after getting rained out by that huge cool front we just had Saturday. Wind was still whipping at 25MPH in the bays and 2 foot white caps made it look like a washing machine gone mad. The weather was actually good except for the spray from the waves while running. Went straight to the ponds I left the Redfish biting at before the front hoping the reds were still there. After some work with the Troll motor we found the Redfish had moved about 300 yards or so to some cuts along the pipeline canals. They ambushed our shrimp under a popping cork aggressively once located. We caught our limit of slot redfish and added 5 puppy drum to the YETI before heading back to Sportsman's Paradise Marina. Check us out online to book a day on the water with us. The Redfish Charter Co.

April 15 at 4:18pm

The weather has been perfect with temps in the 60’s and 70’s everyday for the past month. Couldn’t ask for better Redfish action right now as you can see by the pics from this weekend. Look for bait jumping along the grass lines as the shrimp start to move back into the marshes around Chauvin/Cocodrie. We used top water plugs early in the morning followed by market shrimp under a popping cork fished just 6 inches beneath.
The fishing season is coming into full swing as I see more schools of Redfish gathering around the marshes of Chauvin/Cocodrie. The sea trout spawn is also about to begin and our calendar is filling up for the summer. Get in on the fun with a professional guide service and let us take your crew on a top notch fishing charter! Redfishcharterco Let us take You Fishing!

April 01 at 11:28am

Hi folks just a quick report from fishing out of Cocodrie. This past Saturday we found plenty of Redfish schooling in the marshes around the Cocodrie area. Took a great family from Minnesota out in the 24ft Skiff and got some nice pics i wanted to share. Due to the windy conditions (20mph) we used shrimp under a popping cork along grass lines in the marsh. The water was coming in fast and small bait fish (pogies, minnows) were being swept along with it. The action was steady in the afternoon and it will only get better as the winds die down. The matured Redfish (27 inches and above) located in the marshes, are beginning to form larger schools preparing to move out to the passes. Check us out online and book a custom fishing charter for your crew today.

March 26 at 10:54am

Sight fishing for Redfish out of Sportman's Paradise Marina really starts to gain traction this month so get ready for a great year once again. The Redfish are schooling around the Cocodrie and Chauvin area and sight fishing is where it's at right now in the shallow marsh. These beautiful slot Redfish were caught in less than a foot of water near grass lines out of Cocodrie. Topwater lures 1/4 oz jigs, buzz baits, frogs and swim baits all produced the same reaction from these hungry redfish. Just look for the signs of bait and Redfish tailing along the grass lines to get in on the action. Give us a call or check us out online to book a custom trip for your crew. (985) 413-8770

March 19 at 11:19am

Wow this past weekend was all that and more with the Sheepshead, bull Redfish and Drum hungry along the passes. I had a blast hanging out with my clients on the 24 foot Carolina and the action was non stop. We were using market shrimp on 1/4 ounce jigs over reefs along the coast. Check us out online to book a fun filled customized trip for your crew.

February 19 at 11:10am

We are having a blast catching these Redfish down here in Chauvin! Check out the video submitted by Tyler to see how we're doing it and look us up online to book a custom trip for your crew.

February 01 at 3:19pm

Redfish bite has been awesome this week with Redfish coming over the sides like throws at the Mardi Gras parade. We're working 1/4 oz plastic cocahoe jigs along the bayous around Chauvin with fantastic results to say the least. Get in on the action with us and book a custom trip for your crew down the bayou today. Check us out online for more.

January 11 at 10:38am

This week has been awesome with cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons in the Chauvin/Cocodrie area. The trout action has once again picked up and the redfish/drum are always biting this time of year. Check us out online or call (985) 856-1648 to book a custom trip for your crew over the holidays.

November 23, 2017 at 9:00am

Fall fishing in South Louisiana and it's my favorite time of year! The fish are starting to pile up on top of each other around the oyster beds making for some great big fish action. The guys from Tennessee found plenty of line stripping fish on this charter, catching a mess of bull Drum, Bull Redfish and some nice Trout. Check us out online and book a custom trip for your crew over the holidays.

November 16, 2017 at 8:20am

If you're looking for a fight come to Chauvin and find some moving water under a popping cork. We've been having a blast this week catching bull redfish and Trout. Check out our video from a trip this week with the cowboys from Texas and get tips on how to fish south of Madison Bay. Call us to book a custom trip for your crew (985) 856-1648.

October 13, 2017 at 1:12pm

Check out this quick video on the proper way to filet your catch of Cobia. For more info contact

September 25, 2017 at 1:27pm

The Cobia are back along the coast again in south Louisiana and just in time for the great weather. We used cut bait and crabs with great success the last few days. Check the video to see the rigs we used on a couple of the larger hook ups we had this week. Call us to customize a trip for your crew (985) 856-1648

September 22, 2017 at 4:37pm

I'll just add these photos from the last 2 days fishing charters to this post rather than create another for this week. As you can see by the pics the Redfish bite is still going strong and the weather is simply beautiful. We're hammering these bronze backed redfish on popping corks with market shrimp down in Chauvin, la out of Sportsman's Paradise Marina. Check us out online to book a custom trip for your crew. Spring special is back and available online for a limited time.
Redfish Charter Co

April 04 at 5:23pm

Thanks for noticing that Doc! The weather has been great and the fishing is good.

February 22 at 5:48pm
A comment titled: Re: Cobia Question in response to a report titled: Cobia Question

Along the coast anywhere you can find clean water. South Timbalier gets deep fast so on windy days (like this coming week) that's a good place to start.

September 25, 2017 at 1:24pm
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