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Joe Willis

How do I get maps of local lakes like Darbonne? How close will they get me on a brush pile I am putting out in open water?
Mark your structures with a modern GPS unit

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ JOE WILLIS ~

The most up to date Official maps are those published by the U.S.G.S. These topographical maps are generally in 1:24000 scale and usually show some of the topography of the lake bottom, especially if the lake is a man-made one. Any map dealer can order one for any part of the state that you may be interested in.

However remember that on a 1:24000 scale map, a .5mm draftsman pencil will make a line on the map that in fact covers 38.5 feet. So my next question is how are you marking the locations on the map?

I would hope that you are using a modern GPS receiver for the marking. Newer GPS units with the WAAS differential can discern a position to within 3 meters. That is 9.8 feet.

When saving the location(s) as waypoints, I suggest that you use a code or specific icon for the depth of these structures. A self determined code of something like A , B or C, etc would indicate at what depth the structure is located. Grouping all of the “A”s would allow you to visit those while passing on some of those at different depths.

For a “Roll your Own” map of any area of the U.S. I suggest that you get a copy of MAPTECH’S TERRAIN NAVIGATOR PRO. The computer based program has topo in 1:100000, 1:24,000 scale and ortho aerials in 1:12000 and 1:3600 scales. In addition it connects directly to GOOGLE Earth for the latest satellite and aerial photos of any area in the U.S.

You can then print a hard copy of the map via your printer, limited only by the size of your device.

I use the program for placing exceptionally accurate positions of objects as small as a fireplug (one of the waypoints in my GPS CLASS) or a marine marker buoy.

The waypoints, routes and tracks can be transferred from the Maptech program directly into over 50 different types and brands of GPS units.

It is the way to get the MOST accurate mapping available. When used with a modern GPS unit, it makes for an unbeatable combination. NO the Maptech maps cannot be loaded into your GPS unit, it would take too much memory, but it can be used as a companion tool.

~ Captain Paul ~

Joe ,
You should just use route and waypoints when setting brush piles.Each pile would be marked as a waypoint.
You can use different routes for different piles in various depths of water . That way you have a route for say 3-6' , 6-12' 12-20 '. once you figure out what depth the fish are holding then you can go to that route and it will give you route and waypoint (location) for all your piles at that depth.
Know some tourney fishermen who do this and they win alot .