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Anybody seen my lost pumpkin!!!

After yesterday's nice lil bass and redfish trip in lovely Lady P via Cane Bayou,I decided I needed some more spinner-bait redfish therapy!!Lady P was somewhat kicked up this am,outta Cane,and I did make my way to favorite bass bayou,no takers on outside,tossing Top Dog,no takers inside bayou on same Yum Swim n Dinger I caught 5 on yesterday!!!Since Lady P was starting to really tease me lying down nicely,made de executive decision to hit Big Bridge,starting at 4 mile turnaround,had fish on very first cast(always a curse)and at first thought I had decent red but was Gaspergou,let ole Gou go and stuck decent 18 in red in box and not too many casts later,nabbed nice flounder,hopeful signs indeed!!Could sense that I needed to stick and move,went S to both sides of DrawBridge and caught another much smaller 'Gou,let lil beast go,nabbed small croaker,small blue catfish and aquarium-sized fine lil red and was about to head in and just as tide was about to quit,set hook on fine red,intent on pulling 17 lb Vanish across Pilings but I had other intentions,netted nice red,measured him(big mistake)and I predicted de future-felt like he was gonna slip away just as I was boxing him and guess what-he slipped outta my hands and went back in de Lake!!!Maybe nab his booty tomorrow!!!Did try neat solar powered battery maintainer and it definitely charges up trolling motor battery while battery not in use and also tossed fine Bomber Spinner bait outside Cane,towards the Goose Point grassbeds,zero takers and the water was quite a bit more murky than yesterday.Gonna get back after some Lady P reds and hope dat flounder a sign of some awesome Big Bridge fishing!!!


P.S. Fish fell victim to Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse,of course!!