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Another week of Fishing

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Day 2 with Roger Mayberry's crew was a repeat of day one. Too rough to trout fish so we stayed inside and red fished. Another slow day as the reds have not yet stacked up in the deep holes. Most of the fish are over 27 inches.

I helped Capt T Miller with a two charter trip. We fished reds in the morning finding the same slow bite as it has been. We trout fished in the afternoon and slammed them! Every cast action on double rigged Matrix Shad as usual.

Day 2 with the group had us trout fishing again. We found a slow bite first thing in the morning, but hit the motherload before coming in. We had the trout coming in two at a time every cast. Good times.

Geri Gilbert and Choppa joined me the following day. We found dirty water all morning long and zero fish. We had to run a long ways to find clean water. We finally started to catch some nice trout going 17 inches, but the bite played out rather quickly. One more move and we found some birds diving on shrimp. That was all she wrote! Again it was every cast action on double rigged Matrix and we boxed our limit of specks. Great time with these gals.

Big thanks to Capt's A Lacour and K Labat for running my groups on Saturday as I took the day off. Well spent family time!

Paul Eastin and family were back with me on the Bluewave and got on a trout slam. We found a hot bite first thing in the morning. The shrimp and the trout were boiling the surface. Every cast action for a good 30 plus minutes and the bite went cold. We made two more stops catching fish at both locations. Nice trout up to 20 inches.

I helped out Capt T Miller again yesterday. Winds were up so we red fished. Same results as the last two weeks as the red bite has been slow. No problem catching fish over the 27 inch mark, but finding them under is the problem! We fished everywhere with crab finding two under the slot. Then hit the ponds with gold spoons only finding two more slots to bite. We kept 8 and and a big fresh water cat. We released many more over the 27 inch mark. Hopefully any day now they show up in full force.

Capt Marty LaCoste