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Another Crazy Week of Fishing

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Floyd Ferrell from Missouri was back last Thursday with another two boat group. We found a slow bite for most of the day just picking away. Seemed we were on the outside looking in at every stop. Thanks Capt K Labat for running the other boat.

Friday Jody Foret was back with me. The morning started out slow with a hard tide, then at 10 am the switch turned on! Every cast on double rigged Matrix Shad! Good times. The guys bow fished Friday night with Capt C Breaux. They found it slow but still saw some fish and were able to shoot some reds and hat fish. We slept in Sat morning and headed out at 8 am. Winds were up so we stayed inside and fished for bulls. The guys got to battle several drum and nice big bull reds before the sky fell and pushed us back to the dock. Thanks again guys.

Sunday new customer Mitchell Bourg and crew joined me. It was a stick and move Day but we caught trout at every stop. Double rigged Matrix Shad and swim baits accounted for all of our fish. Great time with this crew as we laughed all day. Thanks Capt's K Labat and S P Whitney for running the other two boats.

I donated a trip Monday to Holy Savior Catholic School. Dr Rodney Gisclair and his three daughters joined me. We fished 12 holes with cracked crab only finding one red and 4 drum. Slowest I've seen it! We switched gears to trout and found a handful with only one being a keeper. Covered a lot of water trying to put them on fish, but they just wouldn't bite. The girls told me they had fun, so that's what matters the most.

Jody Amorello and boys joined me Tuesday. With the winds up we chose to focus on reds again. I fished several other areas with shrimp under a cork and cracked crab. Covered a ton of water fishing everywhere and zero fish to show. We ended the day catching bull reds and drum in the pass. The boys got to get a burn in their arms!

Day 2 on Wednesday with Joey Amorello and the boys found the winds and seas calm enough to trout fish. We headed out and found clean green water at every stop. Fished every rig, well head, reef, rock, sand etc that we could and only had two trout to show for it. UNREAL. We came in and made one last stop soaking crabs and the bulls didn't disappoint. The sky fell on us and we ran in.

Took Thursday off for my son's birthday, cancelled Friday and Saturdays trip due to the storms.

New customer Roger Mayberry and crew from Missouri joined me today. They told me they wanted to catch, didn't matter what. We soaked crabs on the bottom and they had a blast catching reds and drum all day. They weren't worried about catching limits, they just wanted to catch. It made my day easy as most of the reds we were catching were in the 29-31 inch range. We kept nine reds and released all the rest. Thanks guys.

Capt Marty LaCoste