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Squire Creek Peach Bass Tournament 'incident'

Story from The News Star in Mornoe Louisiana

A Downsville man was released from the Union Parish Detention Center Monday afternoon on a $44,000 bond after being accused of firing in the direction of tournament fishermen on Lake D'Arbonne.
Richard M. Bartet II, 41, of 850 Foster Road, Downsville, was booked on two counts of illegal use of weapons and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.
The victims, who were night fishing the Peach Festival Tournament, said a male voice yelled at them to get away from his property in the Scott's Camp area of the lake. They said he then started shooting what sounded like a pistol and one shot hit the water behind one boat.
Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley said the suspect admitted that he had fired four rounds from a pistol, which deputies found in his pickup truck along with a second pistol.
Bartet told deputies he was drinking beer at the time of the incident early Sunday morning.

Louisiana is know as the Sportsman paradise, men and women alike enjoy spending time outdoors fishing, hunting, and all other activities involving nature. My family in no different but during this years Squire Creek Peach Festival Bass tournament, my husband and his fishing partner were on Lake Darbonne when about 3:30 Sunday morning they heard yelling (cursing) for a camp, they continued fishing when two shots were fired at them, the first in the air and the second at the boat. They didn't know the address of the camp to call the sheriff's office , so they went back to the weigh- in spot, after telling their story the the tournament officials they found out that 2 other boaters have words and/or had a gun shot at them. The Union parish sheffifs office was called and a arrest was made the offender admitted to the shootings, charges include aggravated assault w/weapon and Illegal use of weapons.
I have heard no mention of the incident in the media. I have no confidence in the Union Parish DAs office to follow though with the case unless the public is aware of the issues facing the safety of the people that enjoy our public lake.

The arrestees name is Richard Mead Burtet 2nd from Shreveport,LA the DA case number is 2011060312, the location of the crime was at 850 Foster Road Farmerville Louisiana 71241 the date of the crime was 6/26/2011, but keep in mind he is innocent until proven guilty, because after he sobered up I'm sure he will not remember it confessing to law officials.
This man showed a flagrent disregard for human life!!!!!
re: Lake Darbonne
Lake Darbonne has been apart of my families live for many years, we live and work in Union parish proud that I raised my children here and tried to insteal them with the morals and values that were not displayed on the night of the Peach Festival Bass Tournament. This incident was not the norm for our community, I am so thankful no one was hurt, but still want justice for the men that were shot at. rnLake Darbonne is a beautiful lake, we have enjoyed it with family and friends. I do not want one mans flagrent disregard for the safety of others deter anyone including my our family from enjoying this amazing gift we have.
No one was killed or injured that night, but it could have been a terrible tragedy. I hope the perpetrator gets the book thrown at him. I live on beautiful Lake D'Arbonne and want everyone to enjoy the the lake like my family and I do. Visitors, we really do want you to come here!