Norco man cited with waterfowl violations after Facebook post

Trout, redfish action heats up as weather cools down.

A 19-year-old Norco man was cited Oct. 27 for alleged migratory bird violations after he posted a photo on his Facebook page, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said today (Nov. 2).

Brandon Lowry was cited for taking over the daily limit and two-day possession limit of teal.

The investigation began after LDWF received reports of a photo taken during open teal season on Lowry’s Facebook profile showcasing 64 blue-winged teal ducks and 12 hunters.

Agents interviewed all 12 hunters and uncovering additional Facebook postings, which led them to believe that Lowry had shot over his daily and possession limits.

After further questioning, Lowry admitted to investigators that he shot over the daily limit one day and shot his daily limit two other separate days. The daily bag limit for teal during the special teal season is four teal per person per day with a two-day possession limit of eight.

State penalties for migratory bird violations for having over the daily and possession limits are fines between $400 and $950, or up to 120 days in jail, or both plus court cost and forfeiture of anything seized for each offense.