Aerial survey expected to show low teal numbers

Birds haven’t yet arrived in big numbers, Reynolds says

The state’s waterfowl study leader is flying the last transect lines for September’s Aerial Waterfowl Survey near Catahoula Lake this morning, but what he’s seen so far this week doesn’t exactly bode well for opening day of teal season tomorrow.

Larry Reynolds confirmed in a text this morning that his full report is expected to be out later this afternoon, but indicated teal sightings have been spotty at best across South Louisiana this week.

“Southeast Louisiana was very low, estimate will be less than 1,000 teal,” Reynolds wrote. “I haven’t crunched the Southwest numbers, but they likely will be the second- or third-lowest on record.”

Reynolds said they counted two decent groups of teal near Gueydan on the same transect line that will pull the Southwest Louisiana estimate up to about 90,000.

“So there are some birds around, but not in big numbers or widely distributed yet,” he wrote. will publish the full September survey results when they become available.

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