New episode of Sportsman TV tonight at 6:30 on CST: Airboat Hog Hunt

Hackney and crew travel to St. Bernard Parish to hunt down destructive feral hogs in the marsh

In a brand new episode premiering tonight on CST, Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney traveled to Violet for an airboat hunt to take down some feral hogs in the marsh after deer season.

Hackney likened the hunt to “a carnival ride with a shotgun,” and had the time of his life as the team of airboats flushed the hogs and shooters finished them off with buckshot.

Producer Jared Serigné captured the footage, and land manager Ronnie Adams organized the trip, got permission from the land owners and made sure safety was everyone’s top priority.

On the hunt, the crew came across several areas of marsh that had been damaged by hogs, a serious problem in light of the state’s issues with coastal erosion.

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